Is FlyLady app free?

Is FlyLady app free?

We have priced this app so that it is affordable for everyone. Right now it is only available for iPhone users. Eventually it will be available for Android. We still have our messages free in regular email if you do not want to buy our app.

How clean Is Your House checklist?

Regular House Cleaning Tasks

  1. Dust surfaces.
  2. Dust and hand wipe furniture tops.
  3. Dust baseboards, chair rails, and door panels.
  4. Dust ceiling fans (within reach)
  5. Vacuum carpets.
  6. Vacuum and damp mop floors.
  7. Dust blinds, window sills, and lock ledges.
  8. Dust furniture.

How old is Marla Cilley?

It may seem odd that Cilley, 51, should spin such gold from nagging, something most of us do our best to avoid. Yet her customers – almost exclusively female middle-aged homemakers, who call themselves FlyBabies – cannot get enough.

How can I clean my whole house in a week?

You never know when the evening will call for a dance party.

  1. Clear off stuff that doesn’t belong on the counter.
  2. Throw out any food gone bad in fridge.
  3. Wash and put away dishes.
  4. Wipe down countertops and sink.
  5. Wipe down countertop appliances.
  6. Wipe down oven and stovetop.
  7. Wipe down inside and outside of fridge.

Can you use FlyLady to clean your home?

You have company coming to visit, your home is a wreck, and you don’t have nearly enough time to clean it up. Below is an explanation of how to do a crash marathon cleaning session the FlyLady way, but be warned: without the routines, your home will be trashed again in a day, because you don’t have any habits to maintain it.

What’s the principle of FlyLady 15 minutes a day?

BabySteps – As FlyLady says, “Your home did not get dirty in one day, and it will not get clean in a day either.” Declutter 15 minutes a day – FlyLady’s principle is that anyone can do anything for 15 minutes. Just set a timer and declutter something for 15 minutes, and then stop when the timer goes off!

What to do in a crisis with FlyLady?

Listen to FlyLady’s Crisis Cleaning podcast. Get dressed to shoes, have your hair fixed and face washed and makeup on (if you use it). Don’t question this — just do it.

How long does it take to clean a zone on FlyLady?

Every weekday, a specific “mission” is set for that zone, posted on and sent by email. It’s a mini detailed-cleaning task that takes less than five minutes. For example, during Zone 3 week, you might take a few minutes on a Tuesday to wash the often-neglected base of your toilet. Is that all there is to it? Not quite.

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