Is Greatsword viable against Alatreon?

Is Greatsword viable against Alatreon?

Using HunterPie and looking at the gauges, Elemental Great Sword turned out to do just fine against Alatreon.

Is it possible to beat Alatreon solo?

Beating Alatreon Solo Fighting Alatreon solo might actually be the easier method, but this is also largely dependent on how confident you are in your skills. Make no mistake, it’s still a tough-as-nails fight, but it alleviates some of the problems with fighting him as a team.

How do you survive Alatreon supernova solo?

To survive MHW Alatreon Supernova, you would have to break these body parts and sever the wings and tail, and this will weaken him. Breaking the horns of Alatreon with elemental damage is essential as it will help you to stop the dragon from shifting to Fire or Ice Active.

What weapon is best against Alatreon?

Kjarr weapons from Kulve Taroth is a near necessity against Alatreon. These weapons come with a passive Critical element skill that amplifies your elemental attacks when they critically strike. They also have a high base damage making them still worthwhile against Alatreon’s dragon element.

What is the best weapon to use against Alatreon?

The Long Sword is a viable weapon against Alatreon.

Can you beat Alatreon solo?

What is the best element to use against Alatreon?

Ice damage is effective against fire Alatreon, and vice versa. Dragon is awful against Alatreon unless you have a lot of trouble breaking his horns. If you are using fire or ice element, breaking his horns is vital to keeping Alatreon in the opposite element after he does Escaton Judgement.

Can you get Alatreon wings with Plunderblade?

User Info: Lefty113. You can’t unfortunately horn, wings, and tail are unobtainable via plunderblade. However it’s pretty easy to break parts provided you don’t actually care about winning.

How much HP do Alatreon Wings have?

Damage Table

Alatreon: Flight
Hitzone Cutting Stagger
Tail 30 400 HP
Wing 18 300 HP
Foot 25 250 HP
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