Is LNCT deemed university?

Is LNCT deemed university?

Located in Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, LNCT University, also known as LNCTU is a private university established in 2015. Part of the LNCT Group, the university is recognised by the UGC and is….LNCT University Highlights 2021.

Particulars Statistics
Campus size 55 acres
Recognised by UGC
Approved by BCI, ICAR, MCI

When was LNCT established?

LNCT Group of Colleges/Established

Which is the main campus of LNCT?

The LNCT Campus at Bhopal is spread over a lush green environment of approx. 50 acres. The campus constitutes of many buildings that houses the academics and research centers.

Who is the professor of Physics at LNCT Bhopal?

Inventor: Dr. Meetoo Singh, co-inventors: Dr. Reema Tuteja,Harsh Dubey,Shisham Jawarkar Department & College: Department of Engineering Physics, LNCT, Bhopal. Utkrisht Shikshak Samman in 2011by SRIJAN (Sister Nivedita Samiti) for highest marks of student in theory of Physics in RGPV,M.P.

When did LNCT MBA Start in Bhopal?

LNCT – MBA started in 2003 LNCTE – MBA started in 2008 Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) in both colleges are affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal and approved by AICTE, New Delhi.

What is the LNCT group hackathon club going to do?

LNCT Group Hackathon Club along with LNCT World School is going to start a new initiative to provide School student’s platform to solve some of the pressing problem related to real life under an event “Innovative STEM Model Competition – 2021 Version 1.0” Ph.D. With Sub/topic

How is the MBA program at LNCT created?

At LNCT, the MBA program has been created from the feedback, ideas and inputs give in by leading practicing managers and academicians world- wide, as experts in cross- functional areas.

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