Is nitride or phosphate better for BCG?

Is nitride or phosphate better for BCG?

On the basis of performance, nitride wins. For nostalga, phosphate wins. The battle between these two smooth finishes comes down to cost vs performance. Both are excellent finishes that are very hard, smooth and high performing.

Are all BCG interchangeable?

Bolt Carrier Group FAQs & Summary The AR-15 and M16 BCG are interchangeable with any standard rifle. Owning and and using an M16 BCG is perfectly legal. It is not a machinegun part. For the average shooter, any type of steel (8620, 9310, or No.

What parts wear out on an AR 15?

So with that in mind, let’s examine the parts that will wear out first.

  • #1: Your Bolt. Before you start coddling your bolt and cooing to it gently before every round, just remember that your bolt was designed to be used and abused.
  • #2: Your Gas Tube Components.
  • #3: Your Extractor.
  • #4: Your Firing Pin.

Can you swap BCG between uppers?

It will usually work without any problems… however, many people believe that swapping BCG from one upper to another will cause the BCG and possibly both uppers to wear faster than if each upper had a dedicated BCG that was “worn in” to it.

Is it cheaper to build a Bolt Carrier Group?

Yes, IMHO, you’ll get more quality for less money buying a Bolt Carrier Group than building your own. There’s not that much labor involved (staking?) so it’s all parts. You can’t touch the manufacturer’s bulk-volume discount price on parts anyway.

What is RCA adjustable gas key?

The RCA Adjustable Gas Key works with two set screws, one allows you to limit the flow of gas and the other to lock-in the setting. Limiting the gas flow means softer action and less felt recoil, allowing you to lineup follow-up shots quickly and easily.

Which is the best coating for AR 15 BCG?

This is the mil-spec coating for AR-15 BCG, and by far the most common coating you will see. It’s economical, durable, and highly corrosion resistance. Since the surface is more porous than some of the more exotic coatings, it’s harder to clean.

Which is the best finish for a BCG?

Nitride has the edge when it comes to smoothness and hardness. It also requires less lubricant to work well and is easier to clean. Nitride has many advantages but it is not mil-spec for BCGs and that is an important consideration for some.

Which is better a bolt carrier or BCG?

The AR-15 bolt carrier a.k.a. semi-auto bolt carrier has a larger cutout at the bottom than the M16 styled BCG. This results in a reduced weight, which is preferable to some AR-15 users.

Which is easier to clean BCG or phosphate?

The coating involves high temperatures of nitrocarburizing that can have a negative effect on the sensitive parts in the BCG when done improperly, so choose wisely. But when the process is done correctly, you’ll have a very tough, no-frills BCG that is easier to clean than phosphate coatings.

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