Is Sulphur in dried fruit bad for you?

Is Sulphur in dried fruit bad for you?

Answer • Sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative, especially in dried fruits, but also in grapes (both fresh and in winemaking). Sulfur dioxide is considered to be safe; however, some people are sensitive to it, and it may even cause asthma symptoms in those who are predisposed.

What are sulphites in dried fruit?

Sulfites, also known as sulfiting agents, are inorganic salts that are commonly used as preservatives by food and beverage producers. Sulfur dioxide is a compound that many dried fruit sellers add to their products to delay spoiling and to prevent them from turning brown on the shelf.

Why is dried fruit not good for you?

Potential Risks of Dried Fruit When you dry fruit, you are concentrating all of its nutrients into a smaller package. That means you eat less dried fruit by weight to reach the same caloric threshold of fresh fruit. While dried fruit is high in fiber, its high sugar content can actually lead to weight gain.

Do organic dried fruits contain sulphites?

Sulphur is commonly listed on the ingredients as 220 or 221, 222, 223, 224, 225. The good news is that organic dried fruit is prohibited from containing any form of sulphur.

What happens when you eat too much dried fruit?

Dry fruits are also high in sugar and calories and can cause problems when eaten in excess like gaining weight, gastric issues; a diabetic can increase his blood sugar. Salty nuts can increases the blood pressure, constipation or diarrhoea or flatulence.”

Why are sulphites bad for you?

Sulphites can trigger asthma and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction. Many people who have asthma may also have a sulphite sensitivity. An allergist can confirm sulphite sensitivity. In this case, sulphites need to be avoided.

Is dried fruit healthier than fresh?

Dried fruit is highly nutritious. One piece of dried fruit contains about the same amount of nutrients as the fresh fruit, but condensed in a much smaller package. By weight, dried fruit contains up to 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit.

Are there health risks to eating dried fruits?

Sulfur dioxide is one type of sulfite, a preservative whose name might be more familiar. Even a small amount of sulfite can wreak health havoc if you’re sensitive to it. If you have asthma, sulfite sensitivity or sulfite allergy, eating dried fruits might cause serious health problems,…

How to avoid sulfur dioxide in dried fruits?

If you have a severe sulfite sensitivity, ask your doctor to order injectable adrenaline and carry it with you at all times. To avoid sulfites in dried fruit, choose organic brands that don’t use preservatives including sulfur dioxide, in their produce.

Is there sulfite in Harmony House dried fruit?

Researchers are not 100% certain of the underlying causes that lead to sulfite sensitivity, though they are certain that it is best for asthmatics and those who have had symptoms of sensitivity to sulfur dioxide to avoid the preservative. All Harmony House dried fruit is completely free from sulfur dioxide,…

What foods are not safe to eat with sulfur in them?

There have been reports of lung cancer among workers exposure to sulfur dioxide as well. You won’t find sulfites in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables or any whole, unprocessed foods.

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