Is tacx flow good?

Is tacx flow good?

One of the least expensive and most basic smart trainers out there, the Tacx Flow does deliver a riding experience that can up your game, especially early on in your training. It’s also a great option if you’re trying to decide if a “smart” trainer is right for you and are not ready to plunk down four-figures to do so.

How accurate is tacx flow power?

Ultimately – the accuracy for the Tacx Flow Smart is roughly in line with their specs. Most times it’s at or under +/- 5%, with the defining factor largely being wheel speed. When the wheel speed is lower, the accuracy is very good. When it’s higher, it tends to be a bit towards the edges.

Is tacx flow compatible with Zwift?

All Tacx Smart trainers are compatible with Zwift and can be connected using bluetooth low energy (BLE) or an ANT+ antenna (see Zwift Support – Pairing Your Devices for more details). This trainer only works with the Tacx Training app.

Is tacx flow compatible with Bkool?

Tacx trainers that are broadcast by ANT FE-C or Bluetooth are compatible with BKOOL. Then you can connect it to BKOOL. The process to update the firmware of your trainer is very easy, but if you have any doubt, we recommend you contact Tacx support.

How do you calibrate tacx flow?

How Do I Calibrate the Flow Smart Trainer?

  1. Download and install the Tacx Utility App from your phone or tablet’s app store.
  2. Open the app and select (upper left)
  3. Select Update and confirm your trainer software is up to date.
  4. Select (upper left)
  5. Select Calibration.

Is tacx flow a smart trainer?

Interactive smart trainer with cycling app compatibility For year-round training and a fully interactive indoor cycling experience, the Tacx Flow Smart trainer offers everything you need. Its wheel-on design allows for easy setup and storage. It even connects to your favourite apps, such as Zwift, Tacx and TrainerRoad.

Is the tacx app free?

Simply create an account on and download the Tacx Training app for free in the app store for your compatible device. * You can choose from the standard Tacx Premium subscription with high-quality films (720p) or the Tacx Premium HD subscription with high-definition films (1080p).

How much does a TaCx flow trainer weigh?

The base weight is a mere 20lbs/9KG (compared to about 50 pounds for most other higher-end trainers). We’ll get into why that is later on, and what it actually means. On the flip side, unlike many higher-end trainers, this thing comes almost fully ready to ride.

What do you need to know about TaCx flow?

They all come flatpacked and require a considerable amount of Allen key jiggery-pokery, an extra pair of hands and extreme patience with the less-than-clear instructions. Once up and running, the Flow is smooth and quiet, and the frame felt stable even when we were out of the saddle while simulating climbing and sprinting.

Is the Tacx flow Smart a media loaner?

Note, the Tacx Flow Smart is a media loaner from Tacx. Not that I didn’t try and buy it – I did. But none of the local stores around me had it in stock, nor the online ones that would deliver right now.

How big is the power cord for TaCx flow?

The power cord is a bit short, about a meter, but doesn’t require any external power block. Still, I’d appreciate them going with a more standard 2-3m long power cable instead. Then there’s the paper stuff. Including both a manual as well as a free month of service to the Tacx Training App.

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