Is there a direct application for a Thailand visa?

Is there a direct application for a Thailand visa?

There is no direct application for this 2 visa types. But don’t worry it’s not going to be a complicated process, as long as you will meet the special financial requirements for the application.

How to get a business visa in Thailand?

It is also known as Non-Immigrant Business Visa. You can get a work permit, open a bank account however you still need to do a visa run every 90 days. To qualify for this visa, you must have stayed in Thailand for 3 consecutive with the one-year-visa extensions.

What are the different types of Thailand visas?

Thailand Visa Types. 1 Thai Elite Visa. Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term visa categorized under Privilege Entry Visa allowing residency in Thailand along with benefits for 2 Tourist Visa. 3 Non-Immigrant Visa. 4 One Year Non-Immigrant Visa. 5 Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa.

How to get a permanent resident visa in Thailand?

You just simply present your three years of personal tax statements proving the above-stated income requirements to qualify for a Permanent Resident Visa in Thailand. Book a complete ASQ package. Anyone eligible to enter must obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) from their local Thai embassy or consulate.

How to apply for an e visa for Thailand?

From 18 February 2021, visa applicants in the United States are required to apply online through the website For instructions on the Thailand e-visa, please check the User Manual or watch the Video User Manual.

What are the requirements for a Thai visa?

These visas are valid for only one year and employment of any kind is strictly prohibited. According to Thai immigration, applicants must meet the following qualifications: Applicant must be able to provide proof of a pension or other regular income from a source outside of Thailand;

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