Is there a list of Titanic survivors?

Is there a list of Titanic survivors?

How many people survived the Titanic disaster?

Name Age Class/Dept
ANDERSON, Mr John 42 Deck Crew
ANDERSSON, Miss Erna Alexandra 16 3rd Class Passenger
ANDREWS, Miss Cornelia Theodosia 62 1st Class Passenger
ANDREWS, Mr Charles Edward 19 Victualling Crew

Who was the richest woman on the Titanic?

Astor died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic during the early hours of April 15, 1912. Astor was the richest passenger aboard the RMS Titanic and was thought to be among the richest people in the world at that time with a net worth of roughly $87 million when he died (equivalent to $2.33 billion in 2020).

What famous people died on the Titanic?

When the RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, a number of those who died were celebrities of their day, including the American millionaires John Jacob Astor IV and Benjamin Guggenheim.

How many crew survived Titanic?

Only about 20% of men on the ship itself survived, and of the 1,517 fatalities on the ship, 1,347 were men. Most of the crew was also lost during the sinking of the Titanic. Out of the 899 crew members on board, 685 went down with the ship. Titanic survivors were mostly men and women. About 74% of the women survived as did about 52% of the children.

How many deaths were caused by the Titanic?

The Titanic Memorial located in Washington, D.C. The sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912 led to an unnecessarily large death toll – over 1,500 passengers and crew drowned.

Who died on the Titanic?

In the end, the Titanic sinking took the lives of 1,347 men and only 103 women. Most of the crew also died during the sinking of the Titanic. There were 899 crew members and 685 of them died during the tragedy.

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