Is Veeram hit or flop?

Is Veeram hit or flop?

Veeram Hit or Flop: The movie collected only 36.82 Cr from worldwide box office, distributor cum producer share was ₹ 31.19 Cr. The movie budget was ₹ 50 Cr. And the verdict is Veeram is a Flop.

What is the story of Veeram?

Vinayagam, an honest man, uses violence to settle disputes; he decides to mend his ways for his lover’s sake; hell breaks loose when he learns about a gang of rowdies following his lover’s family.
Veeram/Film synopsis

Is Katamarayudu a remake of Veeram?

Katamarayudu is the official remake of Ajith’s blockbuster Tamil film Veeram, which was very well received.

What is the budget of Vivegam?

1.3 billion INR

Is Yennai Arindhaal hit or flop?

Ajith All Films Box Office Hit Flop Verdict.

Sl No Film B O Verdict
50 Vivegam Average
49 Vedalam Blockbuster
48 Yennai Arindhaal Hit
47 Veeram Super Hit

Is Veeram a remake movie?

The film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Veerudokkade and in Hindi as Veeram The Powerman. Despite the release of dubbed version, the film was remade in Telugu as Katamarayudu (2017), and in Kannada as Odeya….Veeram (2014 film)

Veeram Promotional Poster
Directed by Siva
Written by Siva Bharathan (dialogues)
Screenplay by Siva

Is Veeram a remake?

Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali is a remake of Ajith starrer Veeram. The makers had bought the rights to the Tamil film and were planning to make it. They have tweaked the story a bit to suit the title and the pan-India audience.

Who is the father of Pawan Kalyan?

Konidela Venkat Rao
Pawan Kalyan/Fathers

Early life and family. Kalyan was born as Konidela Kalyan Babu to Konidela Venkat Rao and Anjana Devi in Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh.

Is Nerkonda Paarvai a hit?

According to latest reports, Nerkonda Paarvai has collected a gross of Rs 181.45 crore at the worldwide box office in 50 days and proved to be a hit. As the film needed to obtain a share of Rs 80 crore in order to breakeven, it has yielded profits for most distributors.

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