Should you give Virgil the serum?

Should you give Virgil the serum?

If you destroyed the Institute without giving Virgil the serum that would have cured him (see The Glowing Sea), he will want to kill you, making killing him an easy decision. If you did cure him, you can still kill him or let him go.

Which companion should I take to the glowing sea?

The best companion to bring is one with a lot of health or one that is in Power Armor, including Paladin Danse; however, most companions can be put into a suit of Power Armor so the player can bring any companion they want. Also, pick up Dogmeat because that is an extra companion and can help defend the player.

Where do I find the cure for Virgil?

The cure is located within the FEV lab, in the room with the test chambers, inside a machine. Simply travel to the Institute and retrieve it, fighting through the defenses. Once returned to Virgil, he will inject himself and become human after 72 hours pass.

Can Virgil be cured?

Virgil’s Cure automatically starts when talking to Brian Virgil in the main story quest The Glowing Sea. In the conversation the Sole Survivor first has with Virgil, he requests that they retrieve a serum in exchange for his information about the Institute.

Why did Virgil leave the Institute?

Brian Virgil was a member of the Institute at some point before 2287. Virgil took control of the program after his predecessor, Dr. Syverson, passed away. Overcome with guilt from the pain and suffering he had inflicted on so many innocent people, he decided to leave the Institute.

What happens to Nick Valentine If you side with the institute?

Nick survives every ending. He will not be happy if you sided with the institute thou. This seems likely, as he appears to play a major role in the Far Harbour DLC.

Where do you take Virgil’s serum in Fallout 4?

Deliver the Serum to Virgil in a timely manner, and you’ll finish this side quest. You can use a terminal toward the end to get out of this area and back into the main Institute building. No one will be aware of what you did while inside, and you can take the serum back to Virgil at his Rocky Cave in the Glowing Sea.

Who are the characters in Virgil’s cure fallout?

For example, John Hancock, Piper, Nick Valentine, and Codsworth like the player character’s choice to cure Virgil ( Curie loves it), but Danse won’t like it at all; this is due to what happened with his friend Cutler which resulted in a strong hate from Danse towards super mutants and other non-human creatures alike.

What does Sole Survivor do in Virgil’s cure?

In the conversation the Sole Survivor first has with Virgil, he requests that they retrieve a serum in exchange for his information about the Institute. From this point, the quest cannot be advanced until the player character makes their way to the Institute later in the game.

Why is Virgil not present in rocky cave?

Virgil will not be present until the quest The Glowing Sea is obtained. If any of the turrets or the Protectron are destroyed prior, the quest The Glowing Sea will fail immediately upon re-entering the cave. The two turrets and Protectron inside the cave are not hostile unless provoked.

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