What are feature detectors quizlet?

What are feature detectors quizlet?

What are feature detectors? Nerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features of the stimulus, such as shape, angle, or movement.

What are examples of feature detectors?

any of various hypothetical or actual mechanisms within the human information-processing system that respond selectively to specific distinguishing features. For example, the visual system has feature detectors for lines and angles of different orientations as well as for more complex stimuli, such as faces.

What do feature detectors do?

The ability to detect certain types of stimuli, like movements, shape, and angles, requires specialized cells in the brain called feature detectors. Without these, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to detect a round object, like a baseball, hurdling toward you at 90 miles per hour.

Where are feature detectors located and what do they do quizlet?

Feature detectors are neurons in the retina or brain that respond to specific attributes of a stimulus, movement, orientation etc.

What are the three types of feature detectors?

The three major groups of so-called feature detectors in visual cortex include simple cells, complex cells, and hypercomplex cells.

What do feature detectors respond best to?

Some feature detectors are tuned to selectively respond to particularly important objects, for instance, faces, smiles, and other parts of the body (Downing, Jiang, Shuman, & Kanwisher, 2001; Haxby et al., 2001).

What are the features detected by modernizr?

Features detected by Modernizr

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Hashchange Event .hashchange Modernizr.hashchange

What evidence supports the idea of feature detectors?

What evidence most directly supports the idea of feature detectors? When an experimenter presents a faint light, a particular participant almost always reports seeing it, suggesting great sensitivity to faint lights.

How do feature detectors work together to create a full image?

How do feature detectors portray a “whole” image? specialized neurons in the occipital lobe’s visual cortex that receive information from individual ganglion cells in the retina; piece together lines, edges, angles, etc.

What are feature detectors MCAT?

Feature detection: the Feature Detection Theory describes why a particular part of our brain is triggered when we look at something (ie. looking at animals trigger one part of the brain, and looking at words trigger a different part.)

What is feature detector theory?

the theory that all complex stimuli can be broken down into individual parts (features), each of which is analyzed by a specific feature detector.

What are the 3 types of feature detectors in v1?

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