What are some examples of assonance?

What are some examples of assonance?

Assonance most often refers to the repetition of internal vowel sounds in words that do not end the same. For example, “he fell asleep under the cherry tree” is a phrase that features assonance with the repetition of the long “e” vowel, despite the fact that the words containing this vowel do not end in perfect rhymes.

What is a good sentence for repetition?

Repetition sentence example. Life is too short to spend it with repetition of old dreams that never happened. The repetition of the process brought the same results. Constant repetition makes it easier to learn how to spell a word.

What is assonance and give an example?

Assonance Examples The light of the fire is a sight. (repetition of the long i sound) Go slow over the road. (repetition of the long o sound) Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers (repetition of the short e and long i sounds) Sally sells sea shells beside the sea shore (repetition of the short e and long e sounds) Try as I might, the kite did not fly.

What are some hilarious examples of assonance?

“If I bleat when I speak it’s because I just got . “It beats . “Those images that yet/Fresh images beget,/That dolphin-torn, that gong-tormented sea.” – “Byzantium” by W.B. “Soft language issued from their spitless lips as they swished in low circles round and round the field, winding hither and thither through the weeds” – “Portrait of the Artist

Which phrases contain an example of assonance?

The phrase from “In Flanders Fields” that contains an example of assonance is “The torch; be yours to hold it high.”.

What are some common examples of assonance in literature?

Here are a few short assonance examples: “Hear the mellow wedding bells” by Edgar Allen Poe “Try to light the fire” “I lie down by the side fo my bride”/”Fleet feet sweep by sleeping geese”/”Hear the lark and harken to the barking of the dark fox gone to ground” by Pink “It’s hot and it’s monotonous.” by Sondheim “The crumbling thunder of seas” by Robert Louis Stevenson

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