What are the reviews of the Gravely riding mower?

What are the reviews of the Gravely riding mower?

Read reviews and complaints about Gravely Riding Mowers, including commercial mowers, lawn equipment and more. Gravely Riding Mower Reviews: What To Know | ConsumerAffairs

When did the gravely lawn mower company start?

Gravely started in 1916 when Benjamin Franklin Gravely patented a motor plow. The company focuses on heavy-duty mowers for commercial uses and homeowners who spend a significant amount of time on their lawn maintenance.

Why does my Gravely riding mower stall out?

I bought a ZT52HD to cut 6 acres. The first season was great. Then the mower would stall out. It’s been to the dealership 4 times for the same issue. We keep getting told it’s the pick up line or a dirty fuel tank. This is ridiculous. I’ve had it two years. I’ll be looking for something else. Helpful

How old is the gravely lawn mower Pro turn 160?

Gayle of Little Elm, TXVerified Reviewer Original review: June 29, 2021 I purchased a pro turn 160 on the reputation of the Gravely Tractor. It is 6 years old with 400 hrs on it. For the last two years it won’t run more than twenty minutes when hot.

Why are there so many positive gravely zero turn reviews?

The first thing that needs addressing is the very reason why people give positive Gravely zero turn reviews. The answer here is simple: they make solid products that are just hard to beat. The brand is best known for their commercial units, which means that they really pack a punch in their products.

When did the gravely Pro turn 60 come out?

Original review: July 29, 2020 I purchased a Gravely Pro-Turn 60 #991220 on August 26, 2017. Fell in love with it right off the bat. Easy to handle, cut clean and mowed quickly. I started having heat related and starting problems where the throttle cable would actually get so hot it melted the plastic sleeve.

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