What are words associated with sports?

What are words associated with sports?

Sports Vocabulary Word List

  • aerobics. archer. archery. arena. arrow.
  • badminton. ball. base. baseball. basketball.
  • canoe. canoeing. catch. catcher. champion.
  • dart. dartboard. deadlifting. decathlon.
  • épée. equestrian. equipment. exercise.
  • fencing. field. field hockey. fielder.
  • game. gear. geocaching. go.
  • halftime. hammer throw. handball. hang gliding.

What physical activity starts with E?

Make a list of Sports and exercise from A-Z. Can you think of one sport or exercise starting with each letter?…Check your answers below.

A Aerobics American football Archery Athletics
E Equestrian
F F1 (Motor racing) Fencing Fishing Football
G Golf Gymnastics

What is a good e word?

Positive E Words With Fewer Than 7 Letters

Word Definition Synonyms
ecstasy (n.) a feeling of intense joy bliss, delight, euphoria
elan (n.) energy, style, or enthusiasm spirit, verve, ardor
elation (n.) extreme happiness euphoria, delight, rapture
elegant (adj.) someone or something luxuriant attractive, beautiful, chic

What is E word?

The e-word is “emotional.” If a man cries or shows his emotions, we say that he is “sensitive” or “sentimental.” Those words don’t carry the same negative connotation as “emotional,” which implies that your feelings are running rampant and you’ve lost control. Men can get away with it.

Is there a sport starting with Z?

‘Z’ Sports Zorb Football — a team sport that was derived from association football (soccer) in which players are encased in an inflated bubble called Zorb. Zourkhaneh — the Zourkhaneh (house of strength) is the traditional gymnasium where the sport of Varzesh-e Bastani or Pahlavani is practiced.

What is a sport that starts with G?

One of the most popular sports around the world is Golf, with lots of versions such as Mini-Golf, Beach Golf, Snow Golf, Urban Golf and Speed Golf. Gymnastics is another popular G Sport. Here we have a short description of just the sports starting with the letter ‘G’.

What do you call a sport that starts with an e?

E-Sports — another name for Gaming. European (Team) Handball — another name for the sport of Handball. Eventing — riders compete in three types of races, dressage, cross-country and show jumping, in a single competition. Expedition racing — an endurance event combining two or more disciplines. More commonly called Adventure Racing.

Are there any words in Scrabble that start with E?

Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. Found 33921 words that start with e. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words starting with e. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play!

What are some sports that start with the letter S?

Soccer — the common name for Association Football in the USA, Australia and some other parts of the world. Soft Tennis — a version of the game of tennis played primarily in Asia, very similar except they play with soft balls. Softball — there are three styles of softball: fast pitch, “modified” fast pitch, and slow pitch.

What are some of the different types of sports?

Boßeln — a sport similar to the field style of Klootschieten played in Germany. Bouldering — a type of sport rock climbing which is done without the use of a harness. Bowling — a general term of a large range of sports in which the player rolls a ball to knock down objects. The most common variation is Tenpin Bowling.

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