What can you get from DreamHack 2013 souvenir package?

What can you get from DreamHack 2013 souvenir package?

DreamHack 2013 Souvenir Package

  • Spectrum.
  • Operation Wildfire.
  • Revolver.
  • Shadow.
  • Falchion.
  • Chroma 2.
  • Chroma.
  • Operation Vanguard.

Do you need key for souvenir package?

Souvenir packages, unlike other containers, do not require a key to open. Upon opening a souvenir package, a random drop-able skin with souvenir quality and event-only stickers will be received.

What is the rarest case in CSGO?

Aside from the potential knife, the best drop from the CSGO Weapon Case is the AWP | Lightning Strike. A StatTrak Factory New one sells for $858. This case also contains the AK-47 | Case Hardened, the rarest pattern of which was part of a $780k CSGO skin deal.

Do souvenir cases need keys CSGO?

An example of a Souvenir Package Souvenir Packages are a type of container dropped during a championship match in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or purchased from the in-game store. Unlike other containers, they do not need any key to be used or opened.

What case has the most expensive skins?

The Lightning Strike skin was introduced as part of the very first weapon case, aptly called the CS:GO Weapon Case. The case by itself is valued at $54.97 currently, with high-value skins like the Case Hardened AK-47 in there as well, making it the most expensive case available.

How do you get a case key?

All one has to do to get their hands on some new CSGO case keys is to buy them from Valve or any other player on the Steam Store, or purchase them on any other third-party skins market such as the SkinCashier.

What knives can you get from the chroma 3 case?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Chroma Case also has six exclusive community created knife finishes: Damascus Steel, Doppler, Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Rust Coat, and Ultraviolet.

Why are case keys so expensive on market?

“At this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced.” Keys were a valuable form of currency to be used in CSGO skin trading. They had a baseline value that could be scaled up, meaning people would often trade keys for skins.

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