What day do navy advancement results come out?

What day do navy advancement results come out?

For advancement results for Reserve E-4 through E-6 candidates (cycle 108), the command triads will be notified June 24, and the results published on profile sheets in the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) Web June 25.

Where can I find my navy Advancement profile sheet?

Sailors can log onto the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) home page and select Navy Advancement Center under the Career Management drop-down tab, then click on My Advancement to access the Advancement Profile Sheet link. At the top of the profile sheet, there is a block to enter an email address.

How long does it take to go from E-4 to E 5 in the navy?

For advancement to E-4, the member must have a minimum of 6 months Time in Rate (TIR) and an E-3. For advancement to E-5, member must have 12 months TIR as an E-4. For advancement to E-6, member must have a minimum of 36 months TIR as an E-5.

What is E-4 pay in the Navy?

A Petty Officer Third Class is a noncommissioned officer in the United States Navy at DoD paygrade E-4. A Petty Officer Third Class receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $2,263 per month, with raises up to $2,747 per month once they have served for over 6 years.

How do you know if you are advanced in the Navy?

To access exam results via NKO, Sailors can log on at www.nko.navy.mil and go to the “My Announcements” channel, then click on the exam profile sheet link, which will take the Sailor directly to his or her advancement exam profile sheet.

How do I read my Navy profile sheet?

To access profile sheets via Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), log on to www.nko.navy.mil, navigate to the career management tab and select ‘Navy Advancement Center’ from the drop down menu. Then select the Advancement Profile Sheet link.

When do the Navy advancement results come out?

Sometimes the Navy will move around the publication of the results to ease the burden associated with bandwidth on their servers so final results may not appear immediately in their final place. For those who do not make it, it is a good time to take stock on how you prepared for the exam or selection board.

What is the E4-E6 enlisted frocking ceremony?

E4 – E6 enlisted frocking ceremonies allow Sailors to wear the uniform of the next-higher paygrade before being advanced. No less than 3% are advanced in the first five pay increments, with the majority of Sailors being advanced in the final pay increment.

How to access your Navy advancement profile sheet?

You must be on a .mil domain computer to access your profile sheet. You should contact your ESO if you cannot access your profile sheet. One mistake sailors make is to wait for the Navy Advancement exam results to come out before they start studying again. Whether you are reserve or active duty it is a big mistake to stop your studies!

When does cycle 248 Petty Officer Advancement results come out?

The Navy released cycle 248 petty officer advancement results for Active Duty and Full Time Support (FTS) Sailors to advance to E-4, E-5 and E-6, December 18.

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