What do the Greeks celebrate on the 28th of October?

What do the Greeks celebrate on the 28th of October?

Ohi Day or Oxi Day (Greek: Επέτειος του Όχι, Epéteios tou Óchi [eˈpetios tu ˈoçi]; “Anniversary of the No”) is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world on 28 October each year.

How do you celebrate Oxi Day?

Traditionally, Oxi Day is celebrated with parades, flag decorating and wreath laying at various military memorials. This year, celebrate Oxi Day with a traditional greek meal from one of the Greektown Chicago’s eateries, and take some time to remember when Greece said “no.”

When did the Greeks say no?

28th October 1940
Oxi Day – 28th October 1940 – Greece Says No.

What is clean Monday in Greece?

Clean Monday is a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus, where it is celebrated with outdoor excursions, the consumption of shellfish and other fasting food, a special kind of azyme bread, baked only on that day, named “lagana” (Greek: λαγάνα) and the widespread custom of flying kites.

What do Greeks eat on Ohi day?

October 28: Cook Delicious Greek Recipes on Ochi Day in Greece!

  • Peinirli {Greek pizza} The name derives from the Turkish word peynirli – ‘with cheese’.
  • Moussaka. Typical Greek dish with Eggplants.
  • Greek Salsa.
  • Grilled Lamb with Couscous.
  • Feta Cheese Filled Filo Turnovers.
  • Greek Zucchini Fritters.
  • Greek Salad.
  • Greek Salad.

What is the meaning of the blue eye in Greece?

For years, tourists to Greece have snapped up the charms, these “all-seeing eyeballs,” which are supposed to help ward off the “evil eye.” The term refers to negative energy caused by another’s jealousy, which Greeks believe can cause minor troubles and even physical symptoms for the victim.

Do Greek Orthodox celebrate Ash Wednesday?

The Eastern Orthodox Church does not, in general, observe Ash Wednesday; instead, Orthodox Great Lent begins on Clean Monday.

What can you eat on Clean Monday in Greece?

Grilled octopus, grilled or stuffed squid, oysters, and mussels are just a few of this day’s specials. Olive oil: the golden product of the Greek land has a major part on Clean Monday’s table. Olive oil makes the food taste better and is also the perfect starter with a slice of lagana bread.

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