What do the numbers on the bottom of a Coke bottle mean?

What do the numbers on the bottom of a Coke bottle mean?

November 30, 2014 at 7:59 PM · The letters and numbers on the bottom of every Coke mean little to anyone… except to those of us who know the value of traceability. That collection of characters allows us to know everything about that bottle or can of Coke. Read on to learn more.

How can you tell when a Coke bottle was made?

Most Coke bottles (although not all) bear a glass manufacturer mark (logo, emblem, trademark, or initials) somewhere on the bottle, that will help to identify what glass company made it. In general, glass manufacturers’ marks are usually seen on the base, but sometimes appear on the side or lower heel of the bottle.

Are old Coca-Cola bottles worth anything?

Coke Bottle Values Regular, vintage Coke bottles start at around $10, and anniversary models or special editions can sell for about $30, reports Country Living. Despite their age, many bottles are not especially valuable because there were so many made, according to the Coca-Cola Company.

How do you date vintage bottles?

There are three keys to help with dating most bottles: Side seams: None: bottle may be free blown, in which case it has a very uneven shape and dates before 1860. Or the bottle may have a nice even shape, but was spun in the mold to smooth out the seams; a practice common around 1900-1920.

Are Coke bottles still green?

Today, the “Coca-Cola bottle green” color is nearly as synonymous with the drink as the bottle shape itself. This color was a natural result of the copper and minerals found in the sand that Root used to make his bottles (including the Coca-Cola bottle that his company patented).

How much are old green Coke bottles worth?

Clear and light green straight-sided bottles were used in most of the United States and in the South and Midwest amber-colored bottles were more common. The latter is also the most valuable of the colored bottles. The straight-sided Coke bottles range in value from $25 to $400.

What is the rarest Coca Cola bottle?

Each bottle is embossed with the iconic Coca Cola name in script letters. The Purple Amethyst and Amber Brown colored SS Cokes are the rarest and hardest to find. Quality SS Coke bottles will often auction off for $80 to $400 for a single SS COKE bottle.

How to tell what year your coke bottle is?

How to Date Coke Bottles — It’s Not an Easy Thing Check for the manufacturer’s mark. The shape of Coke bottles is also unique. You should observe the style of Coca-Cola trademark. Usually, symbols must be renewed periodically. Also, there might be other inscriptions about the contents in the glass bottle. As discussed, you are now aware that warning messages may be embossed on Coke bottles.

When was the first Coca Cola bottle made?

The first bottling of Coca-Cola occurred in Vicksburg , Mississippi, at the Biedenharn Candy Company on March 12, 1894. The proprietor of the bottling works was Joseph A. Biedenharn. The original bottles were Hutchinson bottles, very different from the much later hobble-skirt design of 1915 now so familiar.

Are old Coke bottles valuable?

Contrary to popular belief a Coca-Cola bottle, even if it is decades old, is only worth a few dollars at most. The Coca-Cola contour bottle was introduced in 1915. Because of its durability, there are still many bottles around, reducing its rarity and value. Age does not play a large part in determining a bottle’s value.

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