What does it mean to insist upon yourself?

What does it mean to insist upon yourself?

Something that insists upon itself is something that is pretentious and ostentatious.

Which preposition is used with insist?

The verb to insist takes the preposition on. example sentence: He insisted on our presence.

How do you use insist in a sentence?

I didn’t want to go, but she insisted. “Come on, let’s go.” “Oh, all right, if you insist.” She insists the money is hers.

What is an example of insist?

An example of insist is when you demand a new plate of eggs and won’t take no for an answer. An example of insist is when you follow through with your plan to go on a picnic, even when it is raining.

What did Peter Griffin say about The Godfather?

Peter: But since we’re all gonna die, there’s one more secret I feel I have to share with you. I did not care for The Godfather. Lois: What?

How do you use insist in grammar?

For example:

  1. I insist that you try some of this cake. I made it just for you. I had a cold at work yesterday.
  2. My brother insisted on coming with me to the party. I hope it’s ok.
  3. Nobody believes him, but my friend insists he saw a UFO last night. Frank insists that he has the best cure for hiccups.

Is afraid a preposition?

Afraid cannot come before a noun. It can only take the preposition of, not about. If you are afraid/​frightened/​scared of somebody/​something/​doing something or afraid/​frightened/​scared to do something, you think you are in danger of being hurt or suffering in some way.

What to use after insist?

Used with adverbs: “I strongly insist that you leave at once.” “He stubbornly insisted on doing it all by himself.” “My father always insists on paying for dinner.” “She still insists her husband is wrong.”

What episode do the Griffins get robbed?

The Griffin Family History
The episode begins after robbers break into the Griffin family home, so the family flees to safety in their panic room….The Griffin Family History.

“The Griffin Family History”
Family Guy episode
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 27
Directed by Zac Moncrief
Written by John Viener

Which is the best definition of insist on / upon?

Definition of insist on/upon. 1. : to say or show that one believes that something is necessary or very important. My source insisted on anonymity. She insists on doing everything her own way.

What is the meaning of the preposition insist?

In a word, he maintains the utmost respect for her while insisting upon a healthy dose for himself — and ends things. It’s clear to everyone that Greece can not possibly recover with the punitive &; callous policies insisted upon by the Troika.

What does it mean when a child insists on something?

insist on (something) 1. To need to do a particular thing, in spite of others’ annoyance or discouragement. My little boy insists on taking his favorite toy truck with him every where he goes.

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