What does PK mean in PK movie?

What does PK mean in PK movie?

PK is the name Aamir Khan goes by in the movie. The name PK is an abbreviation of Peekay. Peekay (Peena+kay) is a Hindi word which means “having drunk”. And it does not stand for Punmiya Kushal.

What are some good lines from the PK movie?

Aamir Khan: PK

  • P.K. : Which god should I believe? You all say that, it’s only one god. I say, no… there are two gods. One is the one who created us all. The other one is the one created by people like you.
  • Jagat Janani : What is your name? P.K. : I don’t have any name. But i don’t know why people called me PK… Pk…

What significance does the title have as per the review PK?

It’s not an abbreviation. As per movie it’s just “are you drunk” i.e. peekay hai kya. The name of the movie PK came from English alphabet “P” and “K” which have no meaning ultimately in a sense of any language. But there are words in Hindi language is “Pee Kay” which means tipsy that means drunken.

What does PK movie says about religion?

No religions were harmed in the making of this film. That’s the gist of a title card that runs before the credits in the Hindi movie “PK,” directed by Rajkumar Hirani, which states that the film doesn’t intend to hurt the feelings of any community, sect or religion.

What is the summary of PK movie?

A stranger in the city asks questions no one has asked before. Known only by his initials, the man’s innocent questions and childlike curiosity take him on a journey of love, laughter and letting go.
PK/Film synopsis

What is Radhe movie about?

After taking the dreaded gangster Gani Bhai, ACP Rajveer Shikawat, as known as Radhe, goes on a manhunt to find the wealthiest man of the town secretly running a crime syndicate.
Radhe/Film synopsis

Is PK an eye opener?

As the public come to terms with P.K. they begin to notice how they are being fooled, thus causing hype around the country. The film takes us on a journey through life, becoming a true eye-opener to us on how society is made up of unwritten norms and values. Although P.K.

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