What does TRC Companies stand for?

What does TRC Companies stand for?

From humble beginnings as The Research Corporation of New England, a meteorological and air quality analysis firm, TRC quickly expanded into the power, infrastructure and oil and gas markets and now serves as a tech-enabled consulting firm.

Who owns TRC Companies?

New Mountain
TRC is headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts. New Mountain acquired TRC as a result of the firm’s multi-year, proactive “deep dive” effort in the engineering & consulting and infrastructure services sectors.

What is full form of TRC?

TRC Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Thermodynamics Research Center Space Science TRC
Torreon Airport Code TRC
Transnational Referral Certification Certifications TRC
Technology Research Corporation Technology TRC

What is TRC in law?

TRC means Truth and Reconciliation Commission established under Article XIII of this Agreement; Sample 2.

What is TRC survey?

TRC provides full-service surveying, managed by licensed professionals. Our survey team is ready to assist our clients to bring their project from the initial preliminary survey and continuing until the last feature of the as-built survey is complete.

What does TRC stand for in construction management?

Grounded. Groundbreaking. Where foresight meets follow through. TRC is a leading, global consulting, engineering and construction management firm that provides environmentally focused and digitally powered solutions across our key markets. Learn more about TRC’s industry expertise and how we’re making an impact on the communities we serve.

What kind of Consulting does TRC consulting do?

TRC is a global construction and engineering consulting firm that provides technology-enabled solutions to the power, oil & gas, environmental and infrastructure markets.

How many years has TRC been in business?

For over 50 years, TRC has been a leader in delivering professional services for public, private and government clients. Grounded. Groundbreaking. Where foresight meets follow through.

What kind of air test does TRC use?

TRC has developed the first commercially available air test to specifically detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. From enabling remote collaboration to combating a massive increase in phishing attempts, IT departments are facing new challenges.


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