What episode of Psych is based on Clue?

What episode of Psych is based on Clue?

100 Clues
In “100 Clues,” inspired by the 1985 film Clue, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) are invited to a mysterious party at a historic Santa Barbara mansion by Billy Lipps, a rock star whom Shawn and the Santa Barbara Police Department sent to prison five years earlier for murder.

Who is the killer in 100 clues Psych?

Martin Kahn
Christopher Lloyd as Martin Kahn: Christopher Lloyd played Professor Plum in Clue. In “100 Clues”, Lloyd was Martin Khan, the band’s biographer. In one scene, Martin says Lloyd’s famous Back to the Future line, “Great Scott!” In one of the alternate endings, Martin is revealed to be the murderer.

Why was Madeline Kahn psych dedicated?

Martin Kahn is presumably named for Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd’s co-star in the 1985 film Clue on which the episode is based, and the comedienne to whose memory (she died in 1999) the episode is dedicated.

Who played clisby on Psych?

Garrett Morris
In the Butler Did It scenario of “100 Clues”, Clizby killed Melinda Lane and pinned it on Billy Lipps, as well as killing Rip and shooting Curt Smith. He is portrayed by Garrett Morris.

Who killed Paula Psych?

Shawn realizes that Bob, Donna, and Andrew are the descendents of Dual Spires’ three founding families. As Bob listens in horror, Shawn tells how Andrew and Donna killed Paula when learning that she planned to leave town with Randy, as he would be the only resident to continue the founders’ lineage.

Where are the 100 clues on Psych located?

“100 Clues” is the fifth episode of Season Seven and the one-hundredth overall episode of the show. Shawn and Gus attend a secret party at the historical mansion of an aging former rockstar, and when a murder occurs all the suspects point fingers at each other.

What was the 100th episode of Psych called?

Psych repeated this formula in season 7 for its 100th episode, appropriately titled “100 Clues”. The episode sent Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) to a mansion owned by a member of a rock band. Following Shawn and Gus’ arrival, they met a colorful assortment of characters.

Who was the Rockstar at Shawn’s party on Psych?

Shawn and Gus attend a party hosted by an aging rockstar, a man the SBPD arrested years ago for a murder he doesn’t remember committing. Did You Know?

Who was eliminated from the house on Psych?

From this, Shawn agrees that the “everyone did it” theory is wrong, and he reassesses. Shawn knows that every suspect in the house has been eliminated except for three people: Clizby, Highway Harry and Martin. Shawn presents the following three theories to the group: Was it Clizby the butler who did it?

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