What happened to chocolate Myers?

What happened to chocolate Myers?

Chocolate Myers was the gas man for the famed #3 Dale Earnhardt racing team that won 6 Winston Cup Championships and the 1998 Daytona 500. Now he continues talking racing as the host of a radio show on NASCAR satellite radio and is curator of the Richard Childress Racing Museum in Welcome.

Where does Danny Chocolate Myers live?

Chocolate and Caron have homes in Lexington, NC and Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Chocolate Myers remains with RCR as the curator of the RCR Museum in Welcome, NC.

How did Danny Chocolate Myers get his nickname?

Danny Gray Myers, who has Cherokee Indian in his background, got his nickname of “Chocolate” when he was 12 because someone thought he had a dark complexion. “I always had a dark complexion. I went out for a pass once, and a coach yelled, ‘Catch the ball, Chocolate Drop. ‘ The nickname just stuck after that.”

Is chocolate Myers related to Burt Myers?

Neff: Are you related to Chocolate? Myers: Yeah, he’s daddy’s first cousin.

Who was Dale Earnhardt’s gas man?

Danny “Chocolate” Myers
Myers is more to NASCAR than just Dale Earnhardt’s former crew guy with the unusual nickname. Danny “Chocolate” Myers comes to his passionate love of stock car racing naturally. After all, it’s been just about the only thing he’s known and embraced—the good, the bad, the unspeakably tragic—for most of his 72 years.

Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr best friend?

However, one of the top NASCAR Cup Series drivers and Earnhardt Jr’s good friend, Martin Truex Jr., is not happy with all the comments made by Dale Jr.

How is pit crew dedicated to saving lives?

PCS is dedicated to saving the lives of Pit Bulls who have been neglected, abused and left for dead. We are foster-based which means that we do not have a facility. All of our rescue dogs are in foster homes and therefore foster families are a necessity in order to continue to save lives.

Where do pit crew rescue dogs in California?

Based in Sacramento California, PCS rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes dogs from shelters and places them with carefully selected responsible foster and adoptive families. We offer education and socialization support for the lifetime of our dogs. The dogs we rescue from the shelters are either already slated for euthanasia or they are high-risk.

Who are the owners of pit crew Sacramento?

Pit Crew Sacramento is made up of a small group of dedicated and experienced Pit Bull/Bully breed owners and advocates. Pit Crew Sac is committed to supporting “America’s Dog” by dispelling the negative stereotypes and promoting the Pit Bull as loyal and loving family members that add joy and value to their owner’s lives.

What kind of care do Pit Crew Dogs get?

All Pit Crew dogs are fully vetted, spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines and heartworm tested. All dogs are living in foster homes, which allows us to help you choose the pet that will be perfect for you! Pit Crew abides by the Pit Bull Rescuers Code of Ethics.

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