What happened to Heather from airplane repo?

What happened to Heather from airplane repo?

Thyroid cancer has caused Dirksen to step back from aviation, but she has completed surgery and chemotherapy. Extra: Dirksen served in the U.S. Army and was a contract air traffic controller in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Oklahoma City.

Was Heather Sterzick the airport manager?

Sterzick, a stunt pilot, started flying as a kid, made her way through the military and works as an airport manager. She was recently named President of the Oklahoma chapter of the Ninety-Nines, an organization of women pilots.

Who died from airplane repo?

Mike Kennedy Airplane Repo Profile, Wiki

Real Name Mike Kennedy
Nickname Mike Kennedy Airplane Repo
Profession Skydiver, Stuntman, Motorcycle Racer
Death Date 1 September 2018
Cause of Death Car Accident

Will there be a season 4 of Airplane Repo?

Airplane Repo Season 4 premiered on Discovery on July 15, 2015. In this series, a group of high-flying daredevils is hired by financial institutions to hunt down and recover high-value assets, such as airplanes, as payments for overdue accounts….Episodes.

# Name Air Dates
10 Repo 911 Sep 16, 2015

Why was Airplane Repo Cancelled?

Ken Cage, private jet repo man and TV star, aims to recover Discovery Channel’s ‘Airplane Repo’ from being cancelled as ratings and claims of the show being fake create an uncertain future.

What is Kevin Lacey’s repo man worth?

Kevin Lacey – $1 million. But that being said, he’s managed to perform over 450 repossession jobs. His company, Texas Air Fleet, also performs a variety of other technical services for various aircrafts — from commercials planes to smaller jets. He’s amassed a reported $1 million net worth, according to Net Worth Post.

How old is Heather Sterzick from Airplane Repo?

Heather Sterzick’s age and date of birth remain secretive; however, she could be in her mid-30s. Though she is yet to get featured on Wikipedia, she was nothing less than a celebrity as she had already allured attention through her appearance in the show Airplane Repo. Heather was born and raised in Saranac, Michigan, United States.

Who are the crew of Airplane Repo on Discovery?

Male Standard talked with Ken Cage, Heather Sterzick, Kevin Lacey and Mike Kennedy. Learn how they got their start, their most dangerous stunts and more as we get behind the scenes with the crew from Airplane Repo. Make sure to catch the season finale of Airplane Repo tonight on Discovery.

What kind of TV show is Airplane Repo?

Airplane Repo. Airplane Repo is an American documentary-style reality TV show following repossession agents hired by financial institutions to recover aircraft and occasionally other high-value assets from owners who have fallen behind on their payments. The Discovery Channel show first premiered on December 12,…

What kind of cockpit does a DC 3 have?

DC-3 civilian style cockpit with detailed fittings and controls. The DC-3 civilian version is fitted with Flight 1 GTN and REX/MilViz WX integration in switchable panels. Highly accurate and beautifully modeled controls and equipment as per the real cockpit.

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