What happened to Vector Automotive?

What happened to Vector Automotive?

Vehicle production by Vector Aeromotive began in 1989 and ceased in 1993. The company was later revived as Vector Motors Corporation, and has continued to develop sports cars. When founded, Vector represented America’s first attempt to compete with European performance car manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

What engine was in the vector?

Vector W8
Engine 6.0 L Rodeck twin-turbocharged V8
Transmission 3-speed General Motors Turbo-Hydramatic 425 automatic
Wheelbase 103.0 in (2,616 mm)

What is a vector car worth?

Vector Motors Corporation listed the W8 Twin Turbo at $250,000 when the car was introduced, but by the time production models were available for delivery, the figure had increased to more than $450,000. Adjusted for inflation, the Vector sold for $800,000 in today’s dollars.

How much is a Vector W8?

Last year, RM Sotheby’s sold two Vector prototypes, a WX-3 and WX-3R owned by Wiegert himself, for $621,000 and $504,000, respectively. This 1991 W8 has just 2,268 miles on its odometer and is being offered without reserve, with an estimate of $300,000 to $450,000.

Who invented vector cars?

Gerald Alden “Jerry” Wiegert
Gerald Alden “Jerry” Wiegert (July 12, 1944 – January 15, 2021) was an American automotive engineer and businessman, notable as the founder of two companies, Vector Motors and Aquajet, and for designing the products marketed by those companies.

What is a vector motor?

Inverter/Vector Duty motors designed specifically for variable speed control. They are designed to handle the additional heat generated when running at lower speeds. Vector Duty motors typically provide continuous constant torque performance across the entire speed range from zero speed to base speed.

How old is vector from despicable me?

Victor Perkins

Victor “Vector” Perkins
Age 20s (Despicable Me)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Occupation World’s #1 most Slappin’ Supervillain with both Direction and Magnitude

How much is a vector M12?

In Detail

price $ $ $184 000 usd
engine V12
valvetrain DOHC 4 Valves / Cyl
displacement 5707 cc / 348.3 in³
bore 87.0 mm / 3.43 in

Who made the Vector W8?

Vector Motors Corporation
Vector W8/Manufacturers

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