What is a bulkhead in construction terms?

What is a bulkhead in construction terms?

1 : an upright partition separating compartments. 2 : a structure or partition to resist pressure or to shut off water, fire, or gas. 3 : a retaining wall along a waterfront. 4 : a projecting framework with a sloping door giving access to a cellar stairway or a shaft.

What do bulkheads do?

Because bulkheads serve as a barrier between your property and whatever body of water your property is sitting on, their main function is to help prevent erosion caused by that water. Bulkheads can prevent this by retaining soil and keeping your land above water.

What do you call a vertical bulkhead?

In shipbuilding, any vertical panel was called a “head”. So walls installed abeam (side-to-side) in a vessel’s hull were called “bulkheads”. Now, the term bulkhead applies to every vertical panel aboard a ship, except for the hull itself.

What is a bulkhead concrete?

A bulkhead is a retaining wall, such as a bulkhead within a ship or a watershed retaining wall. Construction materials commonly used include wood pilings, commercially developed vinyl products, large boulders stacked to form a wall, or a seawall built of concrete or another hard substance.

What are the 3 types of bulkhead?

Types Of Bulkheads

  • Longitudinal Bulkhead.
  • Transverse Bulkhead.
  • Plain Bulkheads.
  • corrugated Bulkheads.
  • Watertight Bulkhead.
  • Non water type Bulk heads.
  • Collision Bulkheads.
  • Thermal Bulkheads etc.

What is bulkhead above kitchen cabinets?

A kitchen soffit often called a “bulkhead,” is a portion of the ceiling that has been built lower than the area around it. They can protrude several inches beyond the cabinets and make the kitchen look cramped, dated, and unsightly.

How much does it cost to put in a bulkhead?

cost of installing the stairs and bulkhead. Answered by Knowitall1: Between $5000 and $7000. This should include digging, precast bulkhead and doors. Depending on access you may need a crane for the unit hence the broad range.

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