What is a Couette cell?

What is a Couette cell?

1: Basic Taylor-Couette cell. The basic apparatus consists of two coaxial cylinders. The gap between them is filled with fluid and the inner cylinder is made to rotate by a stepper motor (see Fig. 1). For low rotation rates, viscosity causes the fluid to flow as might be predicted from symmetry.

What is the critical Reynolds number?

The Reynolds number is the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces and is a convenient parameter for predicting if a flow condition will be laminar or turbulent. The critical Reynolds number is associated with the laminar-turbulent transition, in which a laminar flow becomes turbulent.

What number is Taylor?

In fluid dynamics, the Taylor number (Ta) is a dimensionless quantity that characterizes the importance of centrifugal “forces” or so-called inertial forces due to rotation of a fluid about an axis, relative to viscous forces.

What is Couette and Poiseuille flow?

In Couette flow, one plate is moving with respect to the other plate, and that relative motion drives the shearing action in the fluid between the plates. In Poiseuille flow, the plates are both stationary and the flow is driven by an external pressure gradient.

Is Couette flow laminar?

Couette Flow is drag-induced flow either between parallel flat plates or between concentric rotating cylinders. Thus, it is assumed that there is Laminar Flow of an incompressible Newtonian Fluid of density ρ and viscosity η between two parallel flat plates a constant distance H apart. …

Is Reynolds number dimensionless quantity?

The Reynolds number is a dimensionless number. High values of the parameter (on the order of 10 million) indicate that viscous forces are small and the flow is essentially inviscid. The Euler equations can then be used to model the flow.

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What kind of flow is a Taylor Couette flow?

A simple Taylor–Couette flow is a steady flow created between two rotating infinitely long coaxial cylinders. Since the cylinder lengths are infinitely long, the flow is essentially unidirectional in steady state.

What did Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor study about Couette flow?

Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor investigated the stability of Couette flow in a ground-breaking paper.

When does Taylor-Couette flow become a wavy vortex?

, the new flow, called Taylor–Couette flow, with the Taylor vortices present, is actually steady until the flow reaches a large Reynolds number, at which point the flow transitions to unsteady “wavy vortex” flow, presumably indicating the presence of non-axisymmetric instabilities. . As

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