What is a Schedule 11 chemical?

What is a Schedule 11 chemical?

A quantity of a Schedule 11 hazardous chemical or group of Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals that exceeds the manifest quantity is used, handled or stored or is to be used, handled or stored, at the workplace – Regulation 348(1).

What is a dangerous goods manifest?

A manifest is a written summary of hazardous chemicals with physical and acute toxicity hazards that are used, handled or stored at a workplace. A manifest is only required where the quantities of those hazardous chemicals exceed the threshold amounts listed in Schedule 11 to the model WHS Regulations.

Who should be notified that a chemical application will take place?

Public authorities, including State government departments, local councils, county councils and electricity network State owned corporations must give the public notice that they intend to use pesticides in outdoor public places such as parks and ovals and in public places near sensitive places such as childcare …

What is a dangerous goods storage policy in childcare?

Store all potential poisons out of sight and out of reach of children in cupboards with child-resistant locks and at least 1.5metres above the ground. Store medications in child-resistant cabinets or containers, including those that require refrigeration – never leave children’s medications in their bags.

How much dangerous goods can I transport?

A licence is required when transporting dangerous goods in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500L or weighs over 500kg. The exception is when intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) with a total capacity of up to 3000L are being transported, as long as they are not filled or emptied while on the vehicle.

Are safety data sheets a legal requirement?

By law (see REACH, Chemical classification) suppliers of chemicals must provide an up to date safety data sheet if a substance is dangerous for supply.

What is the aim of a sustainability policy in childcare?

The goal of sustainability education is to empower children and adults to think and act in ways that meet their immediate needs without jeopardising the potential of future generations to meet their own needs.

What are the emergency procedures in childcare?

Procedures And follow the emergency evacuation floor plan to safely evacuate and assemble at the evacuation point ,in case of emergency. Ensuring educators have an evacuation kit, including contact numbers for each child, required medication, water, nappies (if required) a mobile telephone.

Which is Schedule 11 of the WHS regulations?

The threshold amounts and types of hazardous chemicals are prescribed in Schedule 11 of the WHS Regulations. The new WHS Regulations introduce a number of changes to placard and manifest requirements compared to pre-harmonised laws.

Why do we need to know about Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals?

Notifications of Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals and abandonment of tanks provide risk-based information to Comcare so it can apply resources and target compliance and enforcement actions to areas of greatest risk to health and safety. The notification must be made by a PCBU when Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals are involved.

What are the work health and safety regulations 2011?

SLI 2011 No. 262Regulations as made These Regulations implement the model Work Health and Safety Regulations in the Commonwealth jurisdiction and form part of a system of nationally harmonised occupational health and safety laws.

What does manifest quantity mean in Schedule 11?

A Manifest Quantity Workplace (MQW) refers to a workplace that uses, handles or stores Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals in quantities that exceed the manifest quantities in column 5, of Schedule 11 in the WHS Regulation. These sites store large quantities of chemicals and are required to notify.

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