What is Bippu stance?

What is Bippu stance?

Bippu or VIP Style is the art of modifying Japanese luxury automobiles to make them lower in stance and wider looking with wide aggressive wheels, suspension, and body kits.

Why are VIP cars Black?

Due to the color’s appropriate representation for a leader like POTUS (President of the United States), the US government, in particular, only uses black as the color of presidential and escort cars (used by the US Secret Service).

What are Bosozoku cars?

Bosozoku roughly translates to “violent running gang,” and there are indeed motorcycle gangs that make up part of the subculture. However, the word primarily refers to the aggressive (violent) styling that defines these cars.

Why do Japanese cars have curtains?

By fitting side-impact airbags and curtain shield airbags to all Japanese passenger cars as standard, Toyota believes it can reduce deaths from side impacts by as much as 37% – a huge step towards making the road a safer place to be.

Is there such a thing as a VIP car?

Photos: John Teniente Usually we like to do our coverage with just cars that catch our eyes since most events has a small percentage of VIP Cars / VIP Style Cars entered. Lately, a lot of events have had a large influx of VIP Cars / VIP Style Cars.

Where to see VIP Style cars in California?

If you are a huge VIP Car / VIP Style Car fan […] Words / Photos: John Liwanag One event that we look forward to in Northern California is the Blox Open House. It’s a meet that is held at their facilities which draws over 300 cars each year.

When did shopping cart start offering VIP car parts?

Shopping Cart Offering Quality used Vip Car Parts from Japan. We joined and starting learning the Vip Car scene in 2006 and was hooked, Started our own brand in 2010 and have helped expand the US Vipcar scene and also offer our own product line too.

What kind of cars do VIP builders build?

American cars like the Chrysler 300C and various Cadillac models have also been done up by VIP builders. The 300C above features aero from the well known Japanese company Kenstyle.

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