What is DC Golden Age?

What is DC Golden Age?

The Golden Age of Comic Books describes an era of American comic books from 1938 to 1956. During this time, modern comic books were first published and rapidly increased in popularity.

How many Golden Age comics are there?

It concerns the Golden Age DC Comics superheroes entering the 1950s and facing the advent of McCarthyism….The Golden Age (comics)

The Golden Age
Publication date Summer 1993 – Spring 1994
No. of issues 4
Main character(s) Various DC Comics Golden Age characters
Creative team

Who is the oldest DC Comics character?

Here are DC’s ten oldest heroes.

  1. 1 The Endless (Infinite)
  2. 2 New Gods (Beyond Time)
  3. 3 The Presence (Beyond Time)
  4. 4 Monitor (Billions Of Years Old)
  5. 5 Parliament Of Trees (Ancient)
  6. 6 Martian Manhunter (225 Million Years Old)
  7. 7 Superman Prime (Millions Of Years)
  8. 8 Zealot (3000 Years Old)

What is DC Comics famous for?

DC Comics is one of the largest and oldest American comic book companies. The majority of its publications take place within the fictional DC Universe and feature numerous culturally iconic heroic characters, such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Why is it called the Golden Age of comics?

Comics have been in existence since the end of the 19th century, but it was after the depression that the popularity of newspaper cartoons expanded into a major industry. The precise era of the Golden Age is disputed, though most agree that it was born with the launch of Superman in 1938.

How many pages is the Golden Age of DC Comics?

The original 75 years book covered the origins and Golden age of DC in 239 pages… so, the thought of an additional 200 pages to a DC fan was sheer heaven. Prior to ordering this more recent book, I had read interviews that Levitz gave where he said the difference would be more illustrations than before.

How big is DC Comics 75 years book?

The first thing you will notice when you compare the 75 Years book to this more recent one is the 75 Years book looks like that muscular bully next to the skinny kid in those old Charles Atlas ads that ran in comics. That’s not to say that the new book isn’t a respectable size in its own right.

Where is Superman on the back of the Golden Age Book?

Where Superman was on the front cover and Batman on the back is now reversed for the Golden age book. One thing I did notice right away from glancing at the text in the opening chapter of the Golden age book is that several paragraphs have been eliminated from the 75 Years.

What’s the difference between Superman and Batman in Golden Age?

A comparison by the way of the front and back covers of the 75 Years book shows they have been alternated for the Golden age book. Where Superman was on the front cover and Batman on the back is now reversed for the Golden age book.

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