What is Dykem Steel Blue layout fluid used for?

What is Dykem Steel Blue layout fluid used for?

The Dykem 80300 Steel Blue layout fluid is used to coat metal to provide a glare-free, uniform color so scribes appear clear and sharp. This product is a transparent, blue stain. It can also be used on other surfaces to reveal defects or pinholes, or view gear tooth contact pattern.

What is Blue layout fluid?

DESCRIPTION. A dark blue fluid leaves a smooth even coat for all layout work. The non-flaking, non-peeling fluid dries very quickly, sticks to both metal and glass and allows you to scribe sharp precise lines.

What is blue Dykem?

Marking blue, layout stain or Prussian blue is a dye used in metalworking to aid in marking out rough parts for further machining. It is sometimes called Dykem, after a popular brand. Marking blue is made by mixing methylated spirits with shellac and gentian violet.

What is the purpose of layout fluid dye?

Layout is the term used to describe the process of locating and marking a workpiece as a visual reference to guide machine operations. What is the purpose of layout fluid (dye)? The purpose of layout dye is to provide contrast and make it easier to see layout lines.

What is engineer’s blue used for?

Engineer’s blue is a highly pigmented paste used to assist in the mating of two or more components.

Who invented engineers blue?

History. Joseph Whitworth popularized the first practical method of making accurate flat surfaces, during the 1830s, by using engineer’s blue and scraping techniques on three trial surfaces.

What layout tool is used to layout lines at an angle?

Vernier bevel protractors are precision layout tools used to scribe angles with an accuracy of 1/12 of a degree.

How does dykem steel blue layout fluid work?

DYKEM STEEL BLUE LAYOUT FLUID for metalworking Machine shop operators depend on Dykem® Steel Blue and Steel Red Layout Fluids to scribe sharp, clear, precise lines. When applied, our layout fluids provide a uniform deep color that prevents glare and dries in minutes.

When did dykem steel blue enter the market?

1920. That’s the year DYKEM® STEEL BLUE® entered the market and became the industry standard for layout fluids. The tradition of quality continues to present day with the DYKEM line offering uniquely formulated marking products for industrial applications.

What kind of marking products does dykem use?

Whether your customer needs to permanently mark metal, wood, glass, rubber, cardboard, or ceramics, DYKEM Brand marking products and layout fluids are proven performers.

When to run surface tests on steel blue layout fluid?

A-A 59168 dated 21st May 2014 paragraph 3.1.1 thru with the exception of 3.3 (chemical resistance to chlorinated solvents) Surface tests should be run to determine compatibility prior to use Flammable liquid and vapor. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Use only with adequate ventilation.

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