What is procedural theory of planning?

What is procedural theory of planning?

PROCEDURAL planning theory deals with the making and implementing of plans. It is concerned with the proces- ses and techniques which are employed by planners in their work as well as the operating modes of planning agencies. Consequently, it is overwhelmingly focussed on the means of planning and not the ends.

What are the Nine procedural theories of planning?

There are nine procedural theories of planning that remain the principal theories of planning procedure today: the Rational-Comprehensive approach, the Incremental approach, the Transformative Incremental (TI) approach, the Transactive approach, the Communicative approach, the Advocacy approach, the Equity approach.

What is a substantive theory?

1. A theoretical model that provides a “working theory” of action for a specific context.

What is Plan and planning theory?

1. An evolving subfield of urban planning that depicts how urban development takes place and how plans do and should be made.

What’s the difference between procedural and substantive planning?

Substantive theory and procedural theory are two explicitly opposite conceptions in planning theories. This paper firstly defines the difference between substantive and procedural in planning.

Which is an example of a substantive planning theory?

The Substantive Planning Theory is all about what we are planning and for whom we are planning while associating it with the concepts and ideologies we form while designing the project. The example can be taken of any planning concept or theory that describes the idea

What makes a substantive theory a working theory?

A theoretical model that provides a “working theory ” of action for a specific context. A substantive theory is considered transferable, rather than generalizable, in the sense that elements of the context can be transferred to contexts of action with similar characteristics to the context under study (for example,…

What is the premise of the procedural planning theory?

The premise for The Procedural Planning Theory has been laid and is now safe to deduce and posit that the PPT has adopted and advanced the views, ideas and intricacies of the systems and rational planning theories of planning. Procedural Planning is concerned with how things are done and the pattern (s) in which they should be done.

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