What is Rama Tirtha in Rameshwaram?

What is Rama Tirtha in Rameshwaram?

Rama Theertham is at a distance of one km from Rameswaram Temple. This is known as Rama Tirtham. It is located close to two other temples and quite close to Lakshman Tirtham and Sita Tirtham. Ram Tirtham is a place where Lord Rama took rest for some time and also It is believed that Lord Rama took a bath in this tank.

How many theertham are there in Rameshwaram?

The word ‘Theertham’ literally means ‘water’ but in Hindu mythology, it is usually the physical holy water body associated with a temple or deity. Rameshwaram has 64 such theerthams. 22 of these are believed to be sacred and are within the premises of the Sri Ramanathaswamy temple.

What is the name of the pond in Rameshwaram?

This is a water tank or pond located in Rameshwaram about 3.5 kilometres from Ramanathaswamy temple. The significance of this pond is due to it’s linking to an event in Ramayana. Lord Rama is said to have washes his hair or jata here and hence the name Jada tirtham.

What was the annual event in Rameshwaram?

Shri Sita Rama Kalyanam Ceremony
The annual event held in Rameshwaram was Shri Sita Rama Kalyanam Ceremony.

How many Thirtas are believed to be at Rameshwaram?

There are sixty-four Tīrthas (holy water bodies) in and around the island of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India. According to Skānda Purāṇa, twenty-four of them are important. Bathing in these Tīrthas is a major aspect of the pilgrimage to Rameswaram and is considered equivalent to penance.

Is there any dress code for Rameshwaram temple?

There is no separate dress code for Tamil Nadu temples. for ladies better to wear saree or chutidhar.

What is special in Rameswaram?

Rameshwaram is also a popular pilgrimage destination. The town has special significance to Hindus as one of the holy Char Dham—the four sacred abodes associated with incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hindus believe that visiting all the Char Dham will help them achieve moksha (liberation from rebirth).

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