What is the best gun in bf3?

What is the best gun in bf3?

Top 10 Best Weapons in Battlefield 3

  1. AEK-971. If you can tame this beast, the AEK is undoubtedly the best gun in Battlefield 3.
  2. M16A3. A lot of players will consider the M16A3 as the best weapon in the game and you can certainly put it in the number 1 spot.
  3. F2000.
  4. SCAR-H.
  5. M416.
  6. MP7.
  7. AS VAL.
  8. DAO-12.

What is the most powerful assault rifle in Borderlands 3?

Best Legendary Assault Rifles

  • Borderlands 3 Legendary COV Assault Rifle – Rebound.
  • Borderlands 3 Legendary Jakobs Assault Rifle – Gatlin Clairvoyance.
  • Borderlands 3 Legendary Vladof Assault Rifle – Sickle.
  • Borderlands 3 Legendary Dahl Assault Rifle – Soulrender.
  • Borderlands 3 Legendary Torgue Assault Rifle – Contained Blast.

What are the best weapons in Battlefield 3?

Assault: AUG A3 / M416.

  • Engineer: M4A1 / SG553.
  • Support: M27IAR / M240B.
  • Recon: M98B.
  • PDW: M5K / 870.
  • Sidearm: .44 / Rex / M1911.
  • What is the best assault rifle in Warframe?

    Warframe: 15 Best Assault Rifles, Ranked

    1. 1 Acceltra. Ever since Digitial Extremes changed status effects and reduced enemy armor scaling, the Acceltra has morphed from a great weapon to a top-tier option.
    2. 2 Trumna.
    3. 3 Stahlta.
    4. 4 Fulmin.
    5. 5 Tiberon Prime.
    6. 6 Sybaris Prime.
    7. 7 Kuva Hind.
    8. 8 Baza Prime.

    What is the best carbine in BF4?

    The ACE 52 CQB is another versatile carbine, with the advantage of pure power. It has 26 rounds in its magazine, with one in the chamber, and does 45 damage per bullet, making it far more lethal. The G36C is again, another gun that’s good at pretty much everything required of a carbine.

    Where is the slaughter Star 3000?

    Desolation’s Edge
    Walkthrough. This quest can be picked up in Desolation’s Edge from the easternmost bridge of a Maliwan encampment in the south eastern part of the map.

    How do you beat a Joey ultraviolet?

    You won’t be able to kill Joey until you snap the lines, so take out the henchmen first, and ignore Joey until both of them are dead. When you kill them both, you can freely work Joey over and kill him.

    What is the most overpowered weapon in Warframe?

    Warframe: Top 10 Primary Weapons, Ranked

    1. 1 Bubonico. Take the Cedo’s excellent status effects and pair it with the Kuva Zarr.
    2. 2 Kuva Zarr. Introduced in the Sisters of Parvos update, the Kuva Zarr is a significantly stronger variant of the default Zarr.
    3. 3 Cedo.
    4. 4 Kuva Bramma.
    5. 5 Phantasma.
    6. 6 Acceltra.
    7. 7 Ignis Wraith.
    8. 8 Trumna.

    What is the best engineer gun in BF4?

    If you know how to burst , use M4. If you don´t want a burst fire weapon , I would suggest you ACE-52 CQB or G36C as primary. I am not a big fan of PDWs , but if you want enginner loadout for CQB , pick PDW. If you want short-medium range , pick carbine.

    How do I get assault expert?

    Assault Expert

    1. Obtain 50 Medkit Ribbons.
    2. Obtain 200 kills with any Assault rifle.
    3. Obtain 10 Assault Rifle Ribbons.

    Can you leave slaughterhouse 3000?

    Yes. You can replay the Slaughterstar 3000 arena as many times as you like. It’s a great source of end game loot, so if you don’t mind the horde mode gameplay, it’s a great place to be. If you’ve been skipping side quests, leaving them for later, you can use those to get great gear now.

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