What is the CPT code for iliac crest bone graft?

What is the CPT code for iliac crest bone graft?

If a morcellized autograft is obtained through a separate incision, such as the iliac bone crest, use CPT 20937 and 38220-59.

What is the CPT code for wrist fusion?

4 Corner Fusion 25825

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What is the CPT code for bone graft?

D4263, Bone Replacement Graft – first site in quad- rant. – CDT descriptor: “This procedure involves the use of grafts to stimulate periodontal regen- eration when the disease process has led to a deformity of the bone.

What is the difference between CPT 20900 and 20902?

20900 states “Minor, small, like a button or dowel” and 20902 states “Major, large, larger than a button or dowel”.

How do you take an iliac crest bone graft?

The different methods for harvesting iliac bone graft include curettage, trapdoor or splitting techniques for cancellous bone, and the subcrestal-window technique for bicortical graft. A tricortical graft from the anterior ilium should be taken at least 3 cm posterior to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS).

What is a total wrist fusion?

Total wrist arthrodesis, also known as wrist fusion is a surgical procedure in which the wrist joint is stabilized or immobilized by fusing the forearm bone (radius) with the small bones of the wrist. Arthrodesis is done to relieve the pain after severe trauma to the wrist.

Does CPT code 29888 include graft?

Harvesting and inserting the graft is included in code 29888, regardless of whether the graft is a patellar tendon or a hamstring tendon. The rules for using the bone harvesting codes (20900, 20902) and the codes for harvesting other grafts are often misunderstood.

What is the CPT code for repair of nonunion of carpal bone?

CPT code 25431 (Repair of nonunion of carpal bone (excluding carpal scaphoid (navicular)) (includes obtaining graft and necessary fixation), each bone) states in its definition the instructions “includes obtaining graft and necessary fixation).

Why is iliac crest used for bone graft?

Autologous bone grafts harvested from the iliac crest are commonly used in reconstructive orthopaedic surgery. Autologous bone is used to help promote bone healing in fractures and to provide structural support for reconstructive surgery.

How to code for fusion with autogeneous bone graft?

For the first procedure with graft, would coding it as 28750 for the fusion and 20900 for the graft be correct? 1. Severe hallux valgus, left. 2. Dislocation of the second and third metatarsophalangeal joint, left. 3. Hammertoe deformity second and third digit, left foot. 1. Fusion of first MTPJ right with autogenous bone graft. 2.

What are the CPT codes for wrist arthrodesis?

CPT codes and descriptions © 2008 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT is trademark of the American Medical Association. Arthrodesis, wrist joint (including radiocarpal and/or ulnocarpal fusion); without bone graft (25800) Arthrodesis, wrist joint (including radiocarpal and/or ulnocarpal fusion); with sliding graft (25805)

What is the ICD-10 code for the iliac crest?

The code for this procedure is 0QB20ZZ, with the body part character (fourth character) being 2 for right pelvic bone. The iliac crest does not have its own distinct body part value in ICD-10-PCS, with the ICD-10-PCS Body Part Key indicating that the pelvic bone is the closest proximal branch.

How to identify the type of spinal fusion graft?

In Part 6, we are going to focus on identifying the type of bone graft used for the spinal fusion. In ICD-10-PCS coding the type of bone graft product is represented with the 6th character (device) of the fusion code.

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