What is the favicon icon?

What is the favicon icon?

A favicon is a graphic image (icon) associated with a particular Web page and/or Web site. Many recent user agents (such as graphical browsers and newsreaders) display them as a visual reminder of the Web site identity in the address bar or in tabs. The wikipedia includes an article about favicons [FAVICON-WIKIPEDIA].

Where do I put the favicon code?

If you only want one favicon for your entire domain, simply save the favicon. ico file to the root folder of your site. When uploaded, it must be accessible from http://www.yourdomain.com/favicon.ico . As soon as you upload the file, your browser should start displaying the icon for all pages on your site.

How long does it take for a favicon to show up?

For the most part it seems like most SEOs said it takes around 24 hours, sometimes less. The guidelines specifically say “Google will look for and update your favicon whenever it crawls your home page.

How do you download icons?

Individual icons can be downloaded by clicking on a large blue “Download” button (with a floppy disk image) that is available on the web page with icon details. Individual icons can also be downloaded by clicking a small floppy disk links on icon set pages. In any case, after you click the link,…

What is a favicon or site icon?

A favicon ( / ˈfæv.ɪˌkɒn /; short for favorite icon ), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons , associated with a particular website or web page.

Where are Fav icons stored in Firefox profile?

Firefox Favicons are stored in the ‘favicons.sqlite’ database, within the ‘moz_icons’ table. Older versions of Firefox stored Favicons in the ‘places.sqlite’ database, within the ‘moz_favicons’ table.

What is a favicon Cookie?

Well, a favicon is not really a cookie – it is what ensures you have the right icon when you save a Favorite in IE. I don’t think it has much to do with your issues. There seems to be a lot of hassle with “Skype Home” not loading and it is definitely cookie conscious.

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