What is the message of the Book of Job?

What is the message of the Book of Job?

The book’s theme is the eternal problem of unmerited suffering, and it is named after its central character, Job, who attempts to understand the sufferings that engulf him.

What is Eliphaz saying in job 4?

Eliphaz uses words like “in secret”, “unsettling thoughts”, and says in verse 14, “fear and trembling came over me and made all my bones shake.” He is definitely trying to scare Job into believing what he is saying.

What is the purpose of a Bible commentary?

Bible commentaries are typically organized passage by passage (book, chapter, and verse) through the Bible. This system of analysis is called “versification” of the biblical text. Commentaries are meant to be used alongside the Bible text to offer deeper insight, explanation, illustration, and historical background.

What is the purpose of the prologue in job?

The prologue sets the stage by telling how Job lost everything in a single day because of an arrangement between God and Satan. At first, Job’s piety is not shaken. Then three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, come to visit him. The greater part of the book is taken up with their exchanges with Job.

Who is speaking in Job 8?

Job 8-10: Bildad Speaks to Job. Start from the beginning of our chronological Bible study HERE. We resume our study of the book of Job during the first set of speeches between Job’s three friends and Job. Bildad is the second friend to speak to Job, picking up where Eliphaz left off.

What does Matthew Henry say in job 7?

He pleads the final period which death puts to our present state ( v. 7-10 ). He passionately complains of the miserable condition he was now in ( v. 11-16 ). He wonders that God will thus contend with him, and begs for the pardon of his sins and a speedy release out of his miseries ( v. 17-21 ).

Is the Book of job connected to any other book?

Matthew Henry’s Commentary – Job This book of Job stands by itself, is not connected with any other, and is therefore to be considered alone.

What is the Bible Commentary on Job 1?

Commentary on Job 1:20-22 (Read Job 1:20-22) Job humbled himself under the hand of God. He reasons from the common state of human life, which he describes. We brought nothing of this world’s goods into the world, but have them from others; and it is certain we can carry nothing out, but must leave them to others.

Is the history of job mentioned in the Bible?

The history is referred to by one apostle ( Jas. 5:11) and one passage ( Job 5:13) is quoted by another apostle, with the usual form of quoting scripture, It is written, 1 Cor. 3:19.

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