What is the minimum gauge thickness for a steel deck roof?

What is the minimum gauge thickness for a steel deck roof?

Homeowners choose 29 because: Since it’s the minimum thickness for a metal roof, it’s usually the least expensive. 29-gauge panels are usually more than adequate for residential homes.

What is steel roof decking?

Metal roof decking is a corrugated metal panel that’s used for a roofing application. It’s installed over steel joists or steel beams and provides a durable platform for the installation of roofing materials, insulation, the waterproof membrane of a roof, and lightweight concrete.

Does a metal roof need decking?

Although it may seem counterintuitive, metal roofing can be attached directly to your building’s roofing structure without the need and expense of plywood sheeting.

What does B deck mean?

Type B Deck is the most common structural metal decking in the industry. It is an ideal structural substrate on short to medium span conditions that range from three feet to ten feet in distance. B Deck is lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to install. The panel in the image below is 1.5” deep and 36” wide.

What kind of underlayment goes under a metal roof?

The traditional and most common material used for roof underlayment on a steep-slope metal roof is non-perforated, asphalt-impregnated felt underlayment. There are several types of felt underlayment including both organic reinforced and inorganic reinforced.

Do you put anything under metal roofing?

The simple answer is yes, your roof does need an underlayment. If your home is built with joists, insulation between those joists, and sheathing, then an underlayment is needed before you put on a metal roof.

What kind of roof deck is narrow rib?

Type A roof deck is the “original” term for this deck profile, though recently the Steel Deck Institute has promoted the more descriptive name, “Narrow Rib Roof Deck”, or “Type NR”.

Why are ribs added to a roof deck?

In order to overcome the larger amount of ineffective material in the flat top flange, deck manufacturers added a minor rib, or “stiffening rib” to the top flange of Type A roof deck.

When to use a type a steel roof deck?

Type A roof deck is a 1 ½” deep structural steel roof deck that supports various types of roofing materials. This specific type of roof deck is best used in conjunction with thinner rigid insulation. Type A Steel Roof Deck is rarely used for new construction projects. Instead, Type A steel roof decks are often used in repair and re-roof projects.

Can a steel roof deck be left exposed?

Metal roof decking products act alone in transferring horizontal and vertical loads into the building frame. These steel roof decks can be left exposed for open ceiling designs or manufactured with added acoustical perforations.

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