What is the saddest episode of Vampire Diaries?

What is the saddest episode of Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Saddest Episodes

  • 5 Season 8 Episode 11: “You Made A Choice To Be Good”
  • 6 Season 6 Episode 14: “Stay”
  • 7 Season 2 Episode 22: “As I Lay Dying”
  • 8 Season 2 Episode 21: “The Sun Also Rises”
  • 9 Season 1 Episode 14: “Fool Me Once”
  • 10 Season 5 Episode 11: “500 Years Of Solitude”

What are some quotes from The Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries Quotes – Damon

  • “Everything changes tomorrow.
  • “I’m not human.
  • “It’s cool not growing old.
  • “There’s no such thing as a bad idea.
  • “Am I wearing my ‘I blow up the council’ t-shirt?”
  • “When people see good they expect good and I don’t want to live up to anyone’s expectations.”
  • “Relax.
  • “We’re in hell.

Does Elena become a vampire in growing pains?

Summary. ELENA’S WORST NIGHTMARE — Elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find the thing she dreaded most has come true – she died with Damon’s blood in her system and now must drink human blood to become a vampire or face death.

What is Damon Salvatore Quotes?

Damon Salvatore Quotes

  • “Our life is one, big proverbial coin toss.”
  • “I do not go behind people’s backs and torture them.
  • “Life sucks either way, Jeremy.
  • “You spent the last century and a half being the poster child for Prozac.
  • “If you’re going to be bad, be bad with a purpose or else you’re not worth forgiving.”

What is the saddest episode of GREY’s anatomy?

10 Saddest Grey’s Anatomy Episodes, Ranked By IMDb

  1. 1 Sanctuary – 9.7.
  2. 2 Losing My Religion – 9.3.
  3. 3 Didn’t We Almost Have It All? – 8.8.
  4. 4 Going, Going, Gone – 8.7.
  5. 5 Flight – 8.7.
  6. 6 Things We Said Today – 8.5.
  7. 7 All I Could Do Was Cry – 8.5.
  8. 8 Good Mourning – 8.5.

Who does Elena Gilbert love?

In the season 4 finale, an unsired Elena confirms that she is in love with Damon, and the two kiss passionately. At the end of season 6, the two plan to become human, get married, and have children together, but their dream is abruptly compromised by Kai, who puts Elena into a magical coma.

What is Damon Salvatore’s age?

When Damon was turned into a vampire, he was 25 years old, and since The Vampire Diaries seemingly takes place in real time – therefore, beginning in 2009 – that means Damon was 170 years old when the series started; he was 178 years old when the show ended.

How can I be like Damon Salvatore?

Damon’s got the perfect lean torso and bad-ass smile. Exercise regularly, and lose any excess body fat, while gaining muscle. Make sure that you take care of your smile, also, and have proper hygiene.

What was the best quote from the Vampire Diaries?

Damon: Oh, there’s no risk. You do.”. — Damon Salvatore , The Vampire Diaries , Season 1 : Founder’s Day. Tagged: Jealous, Boyfriend, Risk, Sounding Like, Sassy. “Hell, you’re a dick and you kill people, but I still see something human in you.”. — Alaric Saltzman , The Vampire Diaries , Season 1 : Isobel.

What happens at the end of Vampire Diaries Season 4?

Stefan: I made a choice that I will regret for the rest of my life. Now let me try to fix it. Jeremy: I need my sister. Not another one of them. Stefan: It’s disgusting. Elena: No, it’s, um… Stefan: It’s disgusting. Elena: Yeah, I’m going to puke. ( gags and coughs ). I never thought I’d be saying this, but I can’t stop thinking about blood

What is the story of the Vampire Diaries?

The story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same girl, who bears a striking resemblance to the beautiful but ruthless vampire they knew and loved in 1864. “When you feel the blood rush in, you tell yourself that you’re gonna get through it; that you’re strong enough.

Is there a door number 3 in Vampire Diaries?

There is no door number three. Elena: I was ready to die. I was supposed to die. I don’t– I don’t want– I can’t be a vampire!! Damon: Your choice, Elena. As always. Damon: Way to get her hopes up for something that’s never happened in the history of vampirism

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