What is the Tamil month of August?

What is the Tamil month of August?


Month Approx Dates
சித்திரை – Chithirai 14 April – 13 May
வைகாசி – Vaikaasi 14 May – 14 June
ஆனி – Aani 15 June – 15 July
ஆடி – Aadi 16 July – 16 August

What festival is today for Tamil?

Today Tamil date: September 14 2021, Tamil calendar date is Plava varusham, Aavani 29. Sukla paksha (valarpirai) Ashtami tithi at sunrise. Today is Radha Ashtami.

What are some Tamil festivals?

Festivals and Events in Tamil Nadu

  • Pongal. Pongal is the most famous festival in Tamil Nadu.
  • Thaipusam. One of the festivals of Tamil Nadu is Thaipusam.
  • Karthigai Deepam.
  • Thiruvaiyaru Festival.
  • Natyanjali Dance Festival.
  • Jallikattu Bull Festival.

Which Tamil month have 32days?

Moreover, Tamil months may even have 32 days. For example, the month of Vaikasi had 32 days in 1996 and 31 days in 1998. Similarly, Aani had 31 days in 1996 and 32 days in 1998.

What are the 12 Tamil months?

Tamil Months / Poojas

9 மார்கழி – Maargazhi(December) 15 December – 14 January
10 தை – Thai(January) 15 January – 14 February
11 மாசி – Maasi(February) 15 February – 14 March
12 பங்குனி – Panguni(March) 15 March – 13 April

What is Gowri Nalla Neram?

Nalla Neram (நல்ல நேரம்) translates to ‘Good Time or Auspicious time’. This ‘right time’ refers to the period when all the celestial forces work in your favour. …

Which is the heaviest festival of Tamil Nadu?

Thiruvaiyaru Festival It is celebrated every year on the Pushya Bahula Panchami day when the saint Thyagaraja attained samadhi. The festival is held near his Samadhi, on the banks of River Cauvery. This is one of the biggest music festivals of India and welcomes music-lovers from all the the country.

What is Tamil New Year called?

Puthandu (Tamil: தமிழ்ப்புத்தாண்டு), also known as Puthuvarudam or Tamil New Year, is the first day of year on the Tamil calendar and traditionally celebrated as a festival. The festival date is set with the solar cycle of the lunisolar Hindu calendar, as the first day of the Tamil month Chithirai.

What are the names of Tamil months?

Tamil Months / Poojas

1 சித்திரை – Chithirai(April) 14 April – 14 May
2 வைகாசி – Vaikaasi(May) 15 May – 14 June
3 ஆணி – Aani(June) 15 June – 14 July
4 ஆடி – Aadi(July) 15 July – 14 August

Are there any Tamil festivals based on Tamil calendar?

A: Most of the Tamil festival dates are based on the Tamil calendar. Pongal, Puthandu, Chitra Purnima, Vyasa Pooja, Aadi Pooram, Sri Krishna Jayanti, Karthikai Deepam are some of the major Tamil festivals, the dates of which are fixed based on Tamil calendar. Q: When is Tamil New Year?

Which is the most important month in Tamil calendar?

Tamil Year and Month Tamil calendar is a solar calendar ie., Tamil months start on the day of sankranti. Most of the Tamil festivals, holidays, vratams etc… depend on Tamil calendar date. As per Tamil calendar, the current month is Vaikaasi masam of Tamil year Plava.

Which is the first public holiday in Tamil Nadu in 2021?

Aadi 1, 2021 starts on July 17. Tamil Nadu has 1 public holiday in July 2021. August 01 starts with Aadi 16. Aavani 1, 2021 starts on August 17. 2021 Aadi Perukku and Aadi Karthigai falls on August 02. Aadi Pooram will be observed on August 11. Tamil Nadu has 3 public holidays in August 2021.

What is the date of September in Tamil?

Today is September 16, 2019 and Tamil Calendar date is Aavani 30, Tamil Calendar 2019.

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