What is the theme line of my mother at 66?

What is the theme line of my mother at 66?

The theme of the poem: Fear of loss or separation from the old aging mother. It talks about the anguish of the daughter over her mother’s advancing age and the fear of permanent separation from her.

How is the mother described in the poem my mother at sixty six ‘?

The poet describes her mother as old and pale. As she dozed off beside her, the mother looked almost like a corpse, for her face was colourless and seemed to have lost the fervour of life.

What does the smile signify in my mother at 66?

Answer: The parting words and the smile of the poet signifies that she is hopeful that she will meet with her mother very soon. Explanation: In the poem “My Mother at Sixty-Six,” the Indian poet Kamla Das expresses her love towards her mother.

What is the tone of the poem my mother at 66 towards the end?

Answer: The tone of the poem is confessional because the poet is afraid to lose he mother and the stark reality of life hits her hard. The children playing outside take her down the memory lane when her mother was young and she was a child.

What is the moral of the poetry my mother at 66?

Theme (2) My Mother at Sixty-six is based on the theme of advancing age and the fear of loss and separation associated with it. She must be feeling guilty of not being able to stay with her mother in her old age. She also wishes for the lost beauty and youth of her mother.

Why did the poet smile and smile?

The poet smiled and smiled in an effort to reassure herself that she will meet her mother soon. Her words and smiles are a deliberate attempt to hide her real fears and feelings from her mother.

What are the poetic devices in my mother at 66?

things. In this poem, the poet uses the device of simile on two instances. When she compares her mother’s face with that of a corpse and also uses the word “like” while making that comparison. She again compares her mother with the moon in wintertime and also uses the word “as” while making this comparison.

Why does the poet smile and smile and smile?

What is the distinctive feature of the poem my mother at 66?

Answer: My Mother at Sixty-six is based on the theme of advancing age and the fear of loss and separation associated with it. The poetess undergoes a plethora of emotions when she sees her mother ageing, and feels the pangs of separation at the thought of losing her.

What is the message of the poem my mother?

This poem is about the sense of loss and feeling of pain after the demise of the poet’s mother. Therefore, he expresses his love for his mother. He also feels a sense of belonging to his motherland, and treats it as a mother. Hence, this is a good poem for all those who have lost their mothers.

What does her smile signify?

Her smiles signify her helplessness at the face of her mother’s inevitable death. They express her love and concern for her mother along with the underlying pain and struggle that she undergoes in coming to terms with this bitter realisation.

Why does the poet smile and smile and smile * 1 point?

The poet smiled and smiled(smiled continuously) because she wanted to hide her real emotions as she was afraid if this is the last time she can see her mother… Hope it helps!

What is the meaning of my mother at sixty-six line?

English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty-six Line by Line Explanation and Meaning of Difficult Words In the morning of Friday, the author was travelling in a car. She was travelling from her parent’s home to Cochin. Her mother was also in the car. She was sitting near her mother. She looks at her mother. Mother was sleeping.

Why is my mother at 66 line by line not playing?

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What is the summary of my mother at 66?

My Mother At 66 summary further tells us that the daughter reaches the airport and waits far away from her mother and as she bids goodbye to her, the image of her old, pale face strikes her. She compares how one grows old and starts looking like the faded moon in the winter.

How old is my mother at 66 poem?

My Mother At 66 is a poem about a mother and her daughter. One fine day, the poet was driving to Cochin airport from her parent’s house. On the way, her mother was sitting beside her. She also mentions that her mother’s age is sixty-six.

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