What kind of homes did the Kutchin live in?

What kind of homes did the Kutchin live in?

Homes: In winter, the Kutchin lived in pole houses. Some were covered inside with hides for additional warmth. The rest of the year, they traveled in search of food. They dragged portable homes with them, which were poles covered with hides. Women: A woman’s life was very hard. The Kutchin women pulled the sleds.

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How many people in the world speak only Kutchin?

Most Kutchin are now fluent in a Kutchin-influenced variety of English, although there are some who still speak only Kutchin. It has been estimated that there were over five thousand Kutchin in the mid-eighteenth century.

What kind of food did the Kutchin Indians eat?

Kutchin. Subsistence was based upon a wide variety of flora and fauna, with the hunting of large mammals being very Important in terms of prestige, although daily subsistence depended largely on the taking of fish, small mammals, and birds. Religious and cosmological ideas were not systematically developed.

Who is the compiler of the Kutchin tribe?

The Kutchin tribes are: Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

What kind of clothes did the Kutchin wear?

The Kutchin were probably the most warlike of the Athapascans, but their daily life was pretty typical. Clothing: They wore clothes similar to the Eskimos. The men’s clothes had a pointed tail in the front and back so they could sit on the ice comfortably.

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