What support is available for Down syndrome?

What support is available for Down syndrome?

If you need more support than you’re currently getting: call the Down’s Syndrome Association helpline on 0333 1212 300. visit the Mencap website for advice on how to get support.

Is there help available for families with Down syndrome?

DSAWM’s Member Financial Assistance Fund is designed to provide financial support to families raising individuals with Down syndrome who need help with certain Down syndrome-related expenses. Funding in the form of reimbursement is available with In-Area Family Membership.

What is Down syndrome Down syndrome Society NDSS?

NDSS envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations and become valued members of welcoming communities. Your support helps make that vision a reality.

Can I get paid to take care of my Down syndrome child?

The short answer is yes, you can get paid to take care of your disabled child, but it may not apply to every caregiver and every child. The question is a fair one, however, because caregiving can also mean the inability to work a job anywhere else.

Is Down syndrome classed as a disability?

People with Down’s syndrome will have some level of learning disability. This means they’ll have a range of abilities. Some people will be more independent and do things like get a job. Other people might need more regular care.

Can you date a girl with Down syndrome?

Do Individuals with Down Syndrome Have Sexual Feelings? In the past, sexuality was not considered an issue for any people with Down syndrome because of the inaccurate belief that intellectual disability produced permanent childhood. In fact, all people with Down syndrome have sexual feelings and intimacy needs.

Can a person with Down syndrome drive?

Many people with Down Syndrome lead independent lives, this includes being able to drive. If a person with Down syndrome can read and pass a driver’s education class and pass a road test, then they can get a driver’s license. Each case is independent and must be evaluated.

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