What type of keg coupler do I need?

What type of keg coupler do I need?

The type of coupler you need will depend on where that specific beer was kegged. For example, the American Sankey “D” System coupler is easily the most popular. It fits all domestic brand kegs, as well as 95% of American beers.

How long does a KeyKeg last?

3-4 weeks
After tapping, beer will stay fresh in a KeyKeg for 3-4 weeks on average. The shelf life of the beer depends on the type of beer, storage conditions and cleanliness of the draft system.

What is KeyKeg?

KeyKegs are essentially a sterile bag within an outer plastic sphere capable of holding pressure. When filled the inner bag expands to fill the outer plastic sphere. Serve gas is introduced to the top of the keg, putting pressure on the top of the beer and pushing it up through the spear.

What coupler does Moretti use?

Keg Coupler Fittings

Amstel S Type (“Sankey”)
Birra Moretti S Type (“Sankey”)
Brewdog (ALL) G Type (“Grundy”)
Bud Light G Type (“Grundy”)
Budweiser G Type (“Grundy”)

Can you reuse a KeyKeg?

It has helped development enormously that the KeyKeg has a circular design and already mostly consists of mono materials. We can already reuse 81 percent of a KeyKeg.”

Can you refill a Keykeg?

Do not fill up the bag entirely, an amount of approx. 5 liters (1.32 US gallons/1.09 UK gallons) is sufficient. Filling needs to be done in upside down position to help the beverage bag unfold correctly. The bag may rupture if the keg is filled in the upright position.

How do you use Keykeg?

Connect the KEYKEG ADAPTER to a filled CLEANING BOTTLE. Attach the KEYKEG COUPLER to this. Allow pressure to build in the bottle first before rinsing the lines. Connect the KEYKEG COUPLER and then turn the handle on the fixed connection in order to rinse the line.

What coupler does Coors Light use?

Micromatic – S Type Keg Coupler – Heineken/Coors Tapping Head. The S System coupler is known as a European Sankey (Euro Sankey) coupler. It is compatible with European “S” system kegs. Made from high quality, nickel-plated brass, this coupler will bring you long-lasting performance.

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