What was Alison Pill in?

What was Alison Pill in?

Known initially as the introspective, earthy and baby-faced rebel in a host of television movies like “Baby” (TNT, 2000), “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows” (ABC, 2001), “Midwives” (Lifetime, 2001) and “What Girls Learn” (Showtime, 2001), Pill churned out memorable turns in feature films “Pieces of April” ( …

How tall is Alison Pill?

5′ 6″
Alison Pill/Height

Who plays April in treatment?

Alison Pill
April played by Alison Pill on In Treatment | HBO.

Who played Kim Pine?

Alison PillScott Pilgrim vs. the World
Kim Pine/Played by

Who is Alison Pill married to?

Joshua Leonardm. 2015
Alison Pill/Spouse

Pill became engaged to actor Joshua Leonard in January 2015. They were married on May 24, 2015 after a four month long engagement. They have a daughter, Wilder.

Can Alison Pill play drums?

Her previous work includes roles in Milk, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and In Treatment. Alison learned to play the drums for her role as Kim Pine and surprised both herself and her cast mates by quickly learning the difficult instrument. She sings and plays drums in the film as well as on the soundtrack.

Does Paul end up with Laura in treatment?

In the end, Paul confesses to Laura his love for her at her home in the finale episode of Season 1, but a panic attack after receiving a call from his daughter, Rosie, stops him from consummating the relationship. In season 2, Paul is now divorced and has moved his practice to Brooklyn, New York.

Why did Kim and Scott break up?

The two broke up when Scott’s family moved away to Toronto, and when Kim moved to Toronto herself, they formed Sex Bob-Omb with Scott’s former bandmate, Stephen Stills. Kim is employed at No-Account Video throughout the series.

Did Alison Pill wear a wig in the newsroom?

Fast forward to season two and that look has long disappeared with viewers shocked by Maggie’s dramatic makeover. Gone are Alison’s blonde locks, in their place the actress has been lumbered with a short red wig.

Why did Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill break up?

Alison Pill and Jay Baruchel have split after getting engaged two years ago, Us Weekly reports. He wanted her up there more often, but she really likes ‘Newsroom’ and the opportunities that are there for her,” an insider told Us Weekly. “They were doing the long distance a lot.”

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