Where did the design for Kartell come from?

Where did the design for Kartell come from?

This decorative box is a table container with a conical lid, inspired by the architecture of the typical houses of Alberobello in Apulia. Fabio Novembre continues the creative path influenced by the architecture of his homeland.

What kind of materials are used in Kartell labware?

Labware Division is a section of Kartell that supplies products specifically for the laboratory market. The division uses raw materials, such as Polypropylene, Polystyrene and Polyethylene, to their best possible advantage, creating many products that are lightweight, highly resistant, inexpensive and the natural alternatives to glass.

What is the shape of a Kartell bar stool?

This product is the stool that mirrors the shape of traditional 19th-century seats. The line of the leg is rounded and slightly curled, an icon of the classic stool. It is available in three different heights: from the stool for occasional, informal seating, to the stool for the kitchen counter or bar. It adapts to both indoor and outdoor settings.

How much weight does Kartell plastic furniture weigh?

The iconoclastic Starck has been working with Kartell since the 1980s, mixing the company’s desire to develop eco-friendly, contemporary plastic furniture with the designer’s unmistakably edgy and innovative style. Weight Capacity: 220lb.

Who is the author of Kartell by Laufen?

Kartell by Laufen has chosen the genius of Hugo Comte to present and interpret the latest collection.

Where was Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim born and raised?

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was born in the Louhisaari Manor of the Askainen parish (current Masku) on June 4, 1867. After Mannerheim’s father left the family for his mistress in 1880, his mother and her seven children went to live with her aunt Louise, but she died the following year.

What are the names of the chairs at Kartell?

Attila and Napoleon are stools and coffee tables when needed, designed to furnish any environment without foreclosure Elegance, functionality, resistance. Piuma the ultra-thin chair containing carbon fibre Giulio Castelli. The Entrepreneurial Culture Of The Italian Design System – Exhibition open from July to November

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