Where do you hang a suet cage?

Where do you hang a suet cage?

The most common way to place a cage-style suet feeder is to hang it from a shepherd’s hook pole. But they can also be hung from hooks under the eaves. They may hang from a tree limb. Some suet comes in dough-like balls.

What is a suet cage?

Capable of holding a single suet cake, this feeder features ½” x 1″ plastic coated metal wire mesh and a hinged front that makes filling it simple. The EZ Fill Suet Cage Feeder can be hung from a tree or your existing Advanced Pole System® (APS) setup. Includes hanging chain.

Where do you hang a woodpecker feeder?

Suet feeders for woodpeckers, for example, will be more popular if placed near tree trunks or thick branches. Platform feeders for ground-feeding birds do best in areas where those birds will normally feed, such as near shrubbery. Nectar feeders will be more popular if placed near nectar-producing flowers.

What animal would steal a suet feeder?

Raccoons work at night. They climb trees, love suet and stealing is part of their method of operation. Although somewhat solitary, related female raccoons often have the same feeding area.

Do hummingbirds eat suet?

Hummingbirds consume more than just nectar. They must have a source of protein and at least half of their diet is small insects and bugs. It is not common for hummingbirds to eat suet.

Do squirrels eat suet?

Believe it or not, squirrels don’t particularly like suet! Squirrels are not going for the suet – suet in its pure form is just rendered beef fat. They’re going for what’s put into the suet! Most suet cakes have other goodies in them that squirrels like, such as seed, nuts, fruit, or bugs.

Where is the best place to hang a bird feeder?

Bird feeders are best hung in a place where your visiting birds feel safe from predators. Most important: Avoid open and noisy areas and hang your bird feeders at eye level or a little above. Do not hang feeders too close to any place where squirrels can jump on them, or too low they are within a cat’s reach.

What’s the best way to hang a suet feeder?

Pros: Putting the suet on their own poles away from other busy feeders lets woodpeckers and other birds eat in a quieter setting. Because I baffle the poles from below, squirrels are not a problem. To learn how I set up my suet feeders on poles, check out my Best Way to Hang A Suet Feeder post.

What are the cons of hanging a suet feeder?

Cons: Yet another unsuccessful spot was hanging suet on a branch a few feet from a Squirrel Buster Plus feeder. Same problem. Too much activity on the other feeder made it an unappealing place for quieter suet eating birds to dine. Squirrels could also easily climb down the un-baffled chain to get the suet.

What kind of birds hang around upside down suet feeder?

In late winter, European Starlings do the same, but because the feeders are upside down, they tire of it pretty quickly. Just this past week, three Eastern Bluebirds have been hanging around the yard and have similarly grabbed some suet briefly.

Where are the suet feeders on the front porch?

This one has two suet feeders on it. It is close enough to the front window that bird strikes are minimized. It is also close enough to the front porch that Downy Woodpeckers fly first to the railing’s vertical wood bars to cling briefly before flying to the feeder.

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