Where is Momo steering wheels from?

Where is Momo steering wheels from?

Milan, Italy
Since 2005 Momo has been head-quartered in Milan, Italy, with a direct presence the US. We sell our products for the aftermarket and motor racing in over sixty countries, mainly through distributors and dealers all over the world, under the brands Momo and Reds.

How can I tell if my momo steering is real?

A way to tell the difference, other than general feel and quality is that the momo with usually have the momo logo ‘cast or engraved’ into the wheel design if its a metal spoked design. If its an all plastic/rubber job, it will be embossed or cast into the horn centre.

Is replacing steering wheel illegal?

Answer: There is no law specifically related to steering wheel size. Replacing the original steering wheel with one without an airbag would also be unsafe because vehicle airbags are designed to work with the installed seat belts to keep all the occupants safe in the event of a crash or rollover.

Who was the first Formula One driver to use MOMO steering wheels?

Ferrari Formula One driver John Surtees used one of the first MOMO steering wheels to win the world championship in 1964. Since then, we have been continuously innovating the highest performing products to compete in motorsports around the world.

When did Gianpiero Moretti create the MOMO steering wheel?

Gianpiero Moretti founded MOMO in 1964 after commissioning a local craftsman to produce a custom steering wheel for his own race car. Its superior performance gained fame across the racing community, including with Ferrari Formula One driver, John Surtees, who used it to win the world title that same year.

What do you need to know about Momo racing?

MOMO performs when you are pushing your vehicle to its limit. Here you will find MOMO driver gear and performance car parts designed specifically for top level autocross, track, drift, NASCAR and off-road racing, all in one place. MOD. DRIFT MOD.

What kind of steering wheels do you use?

Every street steering wheel utilizes the same engineering and production methods as our proven racing products, with sizes and details designed specifically for road cars. Iconic steering wheels like the MOMO Prototipo, Montecarlo and Tuner are just a few of the many offerings in the Street series.

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