Where is Orbis PQ?

Where is Orbis PQ?

You need to be at Level 51-70 to do the party quests. Look for Wonky the Fairy at Orbis , which can be accessed from the map on the right of the entrance of Orbis Tower.

What level is Orbis PQ?

Introduction. Orbis PQ can be done from lvl 51 to 70 so it follows up on Ludi PQ perfectly. It’s very similar to Ludi PQ as in there’s multiple stages with different challenges. The goal of the PQ is to restore the goddess statue to it’s former glory and defeat the main villain (Papa Pixie).

How to Orbis PQ?

Go to Orbis Tower entrance and enter the right portal, talk to NPC Wonky to start the PQ. Before entering, if your party have 4 Classes: Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Thief. The party will receive a buff “Blessing from Wonky the Fairy” with random stat that last long 30 minutes.

How do you use Henesys PQ?

Go to Mushroom Park in Henesys. Once you are Level 10 or higher you can do the Henesys PQ. If you’re new to the game, press W and consult the World Map to find Henesys. Form a party of 3 or more people.

How do you do the Pirate Party quest?

You need to be at Level 55-100 to do the party quest….Your party leader should talk to the NPC Guon to begin the quest.

  1. Stage 1: On the way to the Pirate Ship.
  2. Stage 2: Through the Head of the Ship!
  3. Stage 3: Through the Deck I.
  4. Stage 4: Through the Deck II.
  5. Stage 5: Eliminate Pirates!
  6. Stage 6: The Captain’s Dignity.

How do you do the party quest in Maplestory?

Party quests are quests that you complete while in a group of multiple players. There are also cross world party quests, where you can group up with players from other worlds. To enter, click the Dimensional Mirror in each town and select Party Quest Entry.

How do I get to Henesys?

1) Go to the left of your screen and click the light bulb icon and accept the quest “[Mushroom Shrine Tales] Go to the Mushroom Shrine.” 2) Once you are moved, locate the green crystal called “Heart of Zipangu.” This will allow you to move to Henesys.

Where is Lord Pirate Maplestory?

Details. Lord Pirate can be accessed through [Dungeons] → [Lord Pirate].

Where is Herb town Maplestory?

Herb Town is a place where award winning herbs are cultivated at with pandas tending to these herbs. Players can get here on foot from Mu Lung or via a dolphin taxi trip from Aquarium.

What is a PQ in MapleStory?

Party Quests provide players with EXP and rewards, including pieces of equipment with good stats and set effects. Below is a list of Party Quests which are available in MapleStory, sorted by Level requirements in ascending order.

How do I beat Zakum?

There are several ways to fight Zakum. You can either queue up using the Party Boss Tab option, or head straight to the Zakum entrance map: El Nath The Door To Zakum. You can clear Easy and Normal Zakum once per day. Chaos Zakum can be cleared once per week.

How do I get to Henesys fast?

How to start the PQ in Orbis tower?

A Thief with maxed Haste, or someone with at least 112% jump. A Mage with Teleport, or Hermit/NL with maxed Flash Jump. Go to Orbis Tower entrance and enter the right portal, talk to NPC Wonky to start the PQ. Before entering, if your party have 4 Classes: Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Thief.

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