Where is the real crossroads in Mississippi?

Where is the real crossroads in Mississippi?

The Crossroads is the intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 49 in Clarksdale, Coahoma County, Mississippi where, according to legend, Robert Johnson reputedly sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his prowess on guitar. Robert Johnson’s song Cross Road Blues is about this legend.

Is Crossroads a true story?

Crossroads is a 1986 American coming-of-age musical drama film inspired by the legend of blues musician Robert Johnson. The student screenplay won first place in the national FOCUS Awards (Films of College and University Students) and was sold to Columbia Pictures while Fusco was still a student.

What is the legend of the crossroads of the Mississippi Delta?

In the delta of the Mississippi River, where Robert Johnson was born, they said that if an aspiring bluesman waited by the side of a deserted crossroads in the dark of a moonless night, then the Devil himself might come and tune his guitar, sealing a pact for the bluesman’s soul and guaranteeing a lifetime of easy …

Who sold their soul to the devil at the crossroads?

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson stands at the crossroads of American music, much as it is rumored that he once stood at a Mississippi crossroads and sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his unique musical gifts.

Is there a real Highway 61?

U.S. Route 61 or U.S. Highway 61 (U.S. 61) is a major United States highway that extends 1,400 miles (2,300 km) between New Orleans, Louisiana and the city of Wyoming, Minnesota. The highway generally follows the course of the Mississippi River and is designated the Great River Road for much of its route.

What happens if you go to the Crossroads?

You go to a crossroads at midnight and wait until he shows up. That’s when you sign your soul away and lose your chance at salvation in exchange for whatever gift it is you want or need. “I went to the crossroads, fell down on my knees,” said Johnson in the song “Cross Road Blues”.

What is the story behind crossroads?

“Cross Road Blues” is one of just 29 songs that the bluesman recorded, and more than any other, it encapsulates the myths that surround his life: He sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads to become a guitar virtuoso. He was murdered by a jealous husband. He was the founder of rock ‘n’ roll.

Can you meet the devil at the Crossroads?

It is believed that one may attend upon a crossroads a certain number of times, either at midnight or just before dawn, and one will meet a “black man,” whom some call the Devil, who will bestow upon one the desired skills.

Why is Highway 61 called the Saints?

The Avenue of the Saints was the concept of businessman Ernest Hayes of Mount Pleasant, Iowa who in the 1980s envisioned a four-lane highway between St. Paul and St. Louis. It was named by Gary Smith, who at the time was Executive Director of the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission.

Where was the crossroads in Clarksdale Mississippi located?

The actual location of “The Crossroads” is of course in dispute also. Some claim it is at the intersection of Highways 8 and 1 south of Rosedale. Others say it was at Dockery Plantation, near Clarksdale. Clarksdale, the birthplace of the blues, lays claim to the location of Highways 61 and 49 and has staked…

Where was Robert Johnson’s Crossroads in Mississippi located?

His legacy has influenced great bluesmen like Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, and the Rolling Stones. The actual location of “The Crossroads” is of course in dispute also. Some claim it is at the intersection of Highways 8 and 1 south of Rosedale.

Where are the crossroads in the United States?

There are plenty of theories about where the crossroads are, from the intersection of Highways 61 and 49 in Clarksdale, Mississippi all the way to the location being in Memphis.

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